Home Game Guides How to Get Angel V3 in Blox Fruits – Race Awakening Guide

How to Get Angel V3 in Blox Fruits – Race Awakening Guide

How to Get Angel V3 in Blox Fruits – Race Awakening Guide

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game where players compete to become the best and most powerful fighter. Players are randomly given one of four races: Human, Shark, Angel, or Rabbit. Ghoul and Cyborg are the two other races, which are available when certain quests are completed.

Angel is a slightly less common race than Human, and to obtain better abilities they must have their third versions (v3) unlocked. Find out how to get Angel V3 in Blox Fruits in the race awakening guide below.

Unlocking Angel Version 3 in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits Angel V3 offers players buffs and will change the appearance of the Angel. The ability Heavenly Blood will be unlocked, awarding players with increased Defense and healing abilities. V3 can be unlocked by completing the following steps:

  1. Unlock the second version (V2);
  2. Kill Don Swan;
  3. Unlock Don Swan’s room door;
  4. Find Arowe, who hides inside the plateau where Diamond lives;
  5. Talk to Arowe, who will give you a quest to earn V3;
  6. Kill anyone of the Angel race.

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Find and Kill Don Swan to get to V3 (via Roblox / Blox Fruits)

The title Perfect Being will be awarded when the Angel evolves to the 3rd version. Titles are only obtained at Second Sea and, when equipped, they appear next to the player’s name. You can change your title at Second Sea in the room under the Cafe, or at the Mansion at the Third Sea. Titles for the Angel race are Sacred Warrior (V2), Perfect Being (V) and His Majesty (V4).

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Race Awakening in Blox Fruits

Race Awakening is a relatively new feature that allows players to level up their character further and achieve V4. To achieve Race Awakening, you must have the following specifications:

  • Mirror Fractal (one piece);
  • Be at V3 for your character;
  • Defeated Raid Boss Rip-Indra;
  • Discovered Blue Gear in Mirage Island;
  • Have 2 friends of different races;
  • Unlock your trial at Temple of Time;
  • Complete your Trial (Angel: Trial of the King).

That’s all you need to know about how to get your Angel to Version 3 (V3) and all it offers. For more Blox Fruits guides, check out our dedicated section.

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How to Get Angel V3 in Blox Fruits – Race Awakening Guide


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