How to Get and Use the Hacker Ingredient in Wacky Wizards Roblox


In the Wacky Wizards, there are a few types of ingredients. Some of them you can get easily by purchasing in the shop, while others are available only by completing quests. And Hacker Ingredient is the one of purchasable premium items. So, read the article to understand how to get it and what it’s used for.

Hacker Ingredient in Wacky Wizards Roblox

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This ingredient is one of the newest in Wacky Wizards. Unlocking it doesn’t require additional efforts. To unlock and use it you need to buy the Hacker ingredient in the store. And it costs 2,000 gems, which is pretty expensive. However, you can create useful potions with this ingredient, so it is really worth the money. And here are some of the best elixirs you can create by using this ingredient:

  1. Speed control. This is a very handy potion if you want to move quickly. And most of the time, you will definitely enjoy this elixir. What’s good is that you can choose the speed you want.
  2. Admin chat function. Just a fun potion that can make your teg special in the chat. It definitely will help you if you want to stand out among others.
  3. Fake ban potion. It’s one of the best potions to prank your friend in the game. All you have to do is to throw it at your friend’s legs. After that, it will be disconnected and will receive the ban message.
  4. Teleport potion. The most useful potion in the game, that enables you to teleport.
  5. Fly potion, which enables you to fly, mostly it’s a fun potion, and it’s not bad when you want to joke on someone.

That’s all with the hacker ingredient in Wacky Wizards. Hope you will enjoy playing!

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How to Get and Use the Hacker Ingredient in Wacky Wizards Roblox


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