The Eject Buton is a Battle Item in Pokémon Unite, the new Pokémon-themed MOBA for Nintendo Switch and later mobile devices. Battle Items are different from Held Items as they must be manually activated, and you can only take one with you into battle. Battle Items’ effects are much more immediate and pronounced, and careful usage of them can turn a battle in your favor! Today, we’ll show you how to get and use the Eject Button in Pokémon Unite!

How to Get the Eject Button

You obtain Battle Items simply by leveling up your trainer level. That’s right — instead of having to shell out either Aeos coins or Aeos tickets for them, you just have to keep playing the game until you have enough experience. The Eject Button in particular unlocks when you reach trainer level 11.

How to Use the Eject Button

After you queue up for a match and enter the pre-game lobby, it’s time to equip your Battle Items. All items can be changed by hitting the ZL button to open your selection window, so make sure to equip your Eject Button. You can use your Battle Item at any moment during the match by hitting Y button.

The Eject Button instantly teleports your Pokémon to the targeted direction. The Eject Button is one of the most popular Battle Items due to its usefulness and versatility. A few example situations include chasing down an enemy that barely got away to secure the kill, getting yourself out of a very bad situation, and so forth.

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An advanced tactic that can be helpful to you is ejecting through terrain. Thin walls and obstacles can be phased through if you position your eject just right. Generally, if your eject trajectory goes through the whole obstacle, you can safely eject to the other side of it. Opponents that aren’t expecting this will be completely bamboozled when you pull it off!

In some instances, you might even be able to eject through a large obstacle when you can’t even see your targeting indicator. You’ll only see advanced players pull this off as it’s a bit tricky, but some large obstacles — namely the four large ponds that surround the center of the jungle — can be ejected through, but only at the thinnest part. You have to align yourself so that you’re close to the edge, because as long as a part of your character model is touching outside the obstacle, the eject will be considered legit.

We recommend practicing this technique before trying it, because if you mess it up your eject will go on cooldown without moving you at all, which can leave you in a very bad spot in a real game!

That’s all you need to know about the Eject Button in Pokémon Unite. Are there any other strategies you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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