How to Get and Use Snowflake in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


Rush Royale is an incredibly addictive mobile strategy game. The game has united tower Defense and PvP. Two players fight off waves of enemies in real-time. And the more you can destroy the enemies on your field, the more of them will appear on the field of the second player. And to win such battles, you need to use strong units. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get and use Snowflake.

How to Get Snowflake

Snowflake is an epic Hero that many consider being the strongest in the game. To get this card, players must collect Shards. These shards can be obtained from various chests. Players can receive chests as a reward for completing various quests. You can also buy them for crystals. After collecting enough Shards, you can get Snowflake.

How to Use Snowflake

Even though Snowflake is an epic character, her abilities make her the strongest. Players can only select one Hero per deck. And the higher the level of the Hero, the more cool skills will become available. Here is a list of all Snowflake skills:

  • Winter’s Kills – Snowflake freezes all enemies for a while and deals massive AoE damage.
  • Cold Welcome – Snowflake can freeze enemy units after they appear or merges.
  • Best Served Cold – This skill is unlocked at level 5. Snowflake can slow down enemies after receiving an activated negative effect.
  • Frostbite – This skill is unlocked at level 10. Snowflake while using Winter’s Kills also lowers the defense of enemies.

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And to use all these abilities more often, players must accumulate Morale. Each of your units generates a certain amount of Morale. You can find out the unit’s generated morale in the stats menu. Therefore, we recommend that you choose strong units that have a high Morale stat. But in general, almost any strong deck will be effective with Snowflake.

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How to Get and Use Snowflake in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


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