How to Get and Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft The Wild Update

Recovery compass Minecraft

The Wild Update is an upcoming major Minecraft update announced to release in 2022. This update will finally bring the horrifying deep dark caves along with its mysterious ancient cities.

Ancient cities will be one of the most dangerous places in Minecraft. Hidden in the depths of the Overworld, ancient cities are the remains of an unknown lost civilization that now harbors the terrifying warden.

Despite all the dangers, many Minecrafters would tread into the deep dark caves and discover ancient cities. While exploring ancient cities, players will find a new item called echo shards, which can be used to create a recovery compass.

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Minecraft Recovery Compass Guide

The Wild Update will bring a new type of compass called a recovery compass. Mojang has already added recovery compasses to recent Minecraft snapshots and beta versions.

Crafting Recovery Compass

Players will need eight echo shards and one normal compass to craft a recovery compass. Obtaining echo shards isn’t as simple as getting a normal compass. Players will have to locate an ancient city and loot the chests to find a decent number of echo shards.

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Place a compass in the center of a crafting table and surround it with eight echo shards to make a recovery compass. It has the same design as a normal compass, but the color scheme resembles sculk blocks.

With recovery compass, Mojang is finally adding a highly wanted feature. A recovery compass points towards the location of the player’s last death. A recovery compass would be helpful, especially in deep dark caves, where the chances of dying are incredibly high.

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How to Get and Use Recovery Compass in Minecraft The Wild Update


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