How to Get and Use Jelly Bean in Wacky Wizards


In Roblox Wacky Wizards there are different ingredients and potions. One of the newest ingredients is Jelly Bean. So, if you have not found it yet, this guide is for you. Read this guide to understand what to do with the new ingredient.

How to Find Jelly Bean in Wacky Wizards

The Jelly Bean is located in a secret house. This house is inside a brick near the spawn. To get into this house, you should follow your right hand. When you are inside the house, on the right side there will be a shelf. On this shelf, there are different ingredients that you previously obtained. From the bottom of this shelf, you can pick up the Jelly Bean. 

When Jelly Bean is in your hands, talk to the Oz The Wizard. He will tell you that he has created this world. Nobody can say for sure what it is, but most people consider this as the spoiler for the next update or next ingredient. Also, Oz The Wizard says that “We will not be safe forever”. So, maybe the apocalypse is waiting for you in the next update. 

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After the conversation, use the teleport button and put Jelly Bean at the table. At this moment, you can use this ingredient to create new potions. How to do it?

How to Use Jelly Bean in Wacky Wizards

Currently, there is only one potion available to make using the Jelly Bean potion. To make it, just put the Jelly Bean into the cauldron. Drain, and you will get this potion.

Generally, the Jelly Bean potion is useless. When you drink it, you just get transformed into a giant bean. Maybe it was made just for fun. However, all might be changed in the future. So, that is all with Jelly Bean in Wacky Wizards. Hope you find this guide helpful!

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How to Get and Use Jelly Bean in Wacky Wizards


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