How to Get and Use Hydralodon in Hearthstone

How to Get and Use Hydralodon in Hearthstone

Recently, Hearthstone underwent a global update, during which the first expansion of the year of Hydra was added to the game, and along with it, many new cards. The game also has a new type of card called Colossal +. One of these cards is Hydralodon, and today we will tell you how to get and use this legendary card.

How to Get and Use Hydralodon in Hearthstone

Hydralodon is a 7 mana cost Colossal legendary card. This card is a Beast and belongs to the Hunter class. Hydralodon is an analog of the mythical creature Hydra, in which two new heads grow in place of a severed one.

If you play, summon, or resurrect Hydralodon, two more Hydralodon Head cards will spawn along with it. If a Hydralodon Head dies while a Hydralodon is on the table, two more Hydralodon Heads will spawn on the table.

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How to Get Hydralodon in Hearthstone

There are several ways to get Hydralodon:

  • You can get this card from the following packs: Voyage to the Sunken City Pack, Standard Pack, Hunter Pack, Golden Standard Pack, Golden Voyage to the Sunken City Pack.
  • You can also craft a standard copy of this card for 1600 dust or a golden copy for 3200 dust.
  • This card can sometimes be obtained as a reward for completing an Arena or Heroic Duels.

How to Use Hydralodon in Hearthstone

As we said, Hydralodon belongs to the hunter class, so it can only be used in decks of this class. This card is most effective in Beast Hunter decks, but we also prepared some tips on how to use Hydralodon more effectively:

  • With a battle cry, Hydralodon gives its heads a rush effect. Thanks to this, you can destroy several opponents and strengthen your positions on the field.
  • Always try to have a Hydralodon body on the table, the heads will be incredibly useful.
  • Use cards like Revive Pet, Selective Breeder, and Ambassador Faelin, you can get up to 5 additional Hydralodon.
  • Hydralodon is a beast, so you can upgrade and cheapen the cost of this card using it.

That’s all you need to know about a Hydralodon card. Everything else depends on you and your skill in the game.

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How to Get and Use Hydralodon in Hearthstone


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