How to Get and Use Honey in Super Auto Pets


Most turn-based strategies force players to think through every move and make a lot of preparations before battles. However, Super Auto Pets invites you to relax and watch as your animals destroy enemies round after round. However, this is a strategy game, so players at the beginning of the battle need to buy items or animals. And in this guide, we will tell you about Honey.

How to Get Honey

At the beginning of the battle, players must buy from the shop the animals or items they want to use. All of them are divided into Tiers, and at the beginning goods of 1 Tier are available. After every two rounds, new goods from the next Tier will start appearing in the shop. Fortunately, Honey is available immediately for purchase. And since this food has a 50% chance of appearing, you can almost always start the game with Honey. And if you do not see this food before the first round, it will appear in the next round.

How to Use Honey

Despite being a Tier 1 food, Honey is very effective in the early stages of the game. A pet equipped with Honey, after faints summons a Bee with 1 Attack and 1 Health to its place. Also, this item appears less and less in the shop with each round, so it is more effective to use it at the beginning.

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We recommend placing a Honey pet in fronts of pets like Kangaroo or Snake as they have friend ahead attacks. Also, Honey is a great help to the Honey Badger, who can inflict double attacks. And the summoned Bee will be able to destroy the remaining enemies. However, in the latter stages of the game, it is better to use Steak or Melon Armor instead of Honey.

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How to Get and Use Honey in Super Auto Pets


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