How to Get and Use Heart of The Sea in Minecraft

Not all items in Minecraft have a wide range of uses. However, this does not make them useless at all. On the contrary, they are often a part of an extremely important item or even a structure. And one of these items is the so-called Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. Therefore, if you accidentally found such an object and do not understand what you need to do with it or purposefully want to find it in order to use it, then we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the guide presented below.

What Is the Heart of the Sea for Minecraft?

Any found heart of the sea has only one purpose for the use – to create a Conduit.

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How to Make the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, making the heart of the sea in the regular vanilla version of Minecraft is impossible. The only way to get the heart of the sea is to either find it or create it using the console command.

As for the first method, the heart of the sea can be found in every treasure chest, which in turn is searched using a treasure map. Inside the found treasure chest, there is always one heart of the sea.

It is quite difficult to find the heart of the sea inside the treasure by chance without a treasure map. Therefore, we recommend that if you want to get this item, acquire a map either through trade or by studying, for example, underwater ruins, where the chance of such a map appearing is quite high.

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