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How to Get and Use Flux Stones in Dwarf Fortress

How to Get and Use Flux Stones in Dwarf Fortress
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If you’re interested in making steel in Dwarf Fortress, you will be interested in flux stones. Still, obtaining this valuable resource might not go as easily as you’d like.

In this guide, we show you how to get and use flux stones in Dwarf Fortress, so buckle up and let’s dive into the matter at hand!

How to Get Flux Stones in Dwarf Fortress

Although it is not a necessary in-game resource, flux stone is quite economic and, therefore, valuable for players. It has double the value of most other mining resources, which means that the value of objects you make with this resource will be higher as well.

You can get flux stones by mining. The embark screen will show you whether you can find flux stone in your area, but you may sometimes find it even if it’s not listed on the list of resources at first—marble, which counts as flux stone, can be found deep enough pretty much anywhere. Keep in mind that the following layers count as flux stones:

  • Marble
  • Chalk
  • Dolomite
  • Limestone

Calcite also falls under flux stones, but it doesn’t form layers—it is found in small clusters within other layers.

If you can’t bother with mining for flux stone, you can always trade for some small amounts—just make sure to choose ‘stone’ and not ‘blocks’ since blocks cannot be used for making steel.

How to Use Flux Stones in Dwarf Fortress

Flux stones are mostly used in making pig iron and, eventually, steel. To make pig iron, you need one iron bar, one unit of fuel, and one flux stone. While pig iron can be used in construction to make your dwarves happier, its main use is for making steel.

Created by smelters, steel is one of the most valuable resources in the game since you can use it to make weapons and armor. It is created by combining one bar of pig iron, another iron bar, one flux stone, and one unit of fuel.

In case you are trying to get flux stone to produce steel, the alternative to mining and smelting would be trading for steel bars or melting down steel items.

Those are the basics of finding and using flux stones in Dwarf Fortress. If you need more help, learn how to appoint and use a priest or how to create a bedroom in this popular game.

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How to Get and Use Flux Stones in Dwarf Fortress


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