How to Create a Bedroom in Dwarf Fortress

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After a long day of mining, every dwarf deserves to rest in a bedroom that will make them happy and where they can keep their possessions. Luckily, creating bedrooms for your dwarves is not that complicated.

Here, you can learn how to create the perfect bedroom in Dwarf Fortress with this easy-to-follow guide.

Bedroom Layout in Dwarf Fortress

When creating the layout for your dwarf’s bedroom, you can be as creative or generous as you want. Still, one of the best layouts is the classic 2×2, which gives enough space for everything your dwarf needs.

If you’re building multiple bedrooms at once, try to give it some thought and plan based on what may work best in your settlement. You can have several long corridors with bedrooms on each side, decentralized living areas for easier access, or even multi-level sleeping quarters connected by stairs.

How to Make a Bedroom in Dwarf Fortress

When you decide on the layout, use the mining tool to dig out one or several bedrooms. You can choose to smooth out the space so it looks better, but this is not necessary.

After smoothing, place the furniture in your new bedrooms by using the Build/Furniture menu. While dwarves can move diagonally, make sure not to block access to the doors. Different pieces of furniture are made in various workshops, and you can use the option Keep building after placement to make the process easier. When the furniture is in the bedrooms, you should add the doors.

The only step that remains is to designate these areas as bedrooms. Click on the Zone screen (or hit Z), choose Bedroom, and hit Multi (if you’re making several bedrooms at the same time). This option recognizes the number of placed beds and identifies surrounding areas as bedrooms. In the end, click on Done to finish the process.

What Furniture to Add to a Bedroom in Dwarf Fortress

Essentially, dwarves don’t need much. A good-enough bedroom in Dwarf Fortress will include:

  • Bed
  • Cabinet
  • Chest/Coffer

You can also throw a weapon or armor stand in there or check what a noble requires in their bedroom. Other furniture pieces and decoration items are not necessary, but they will increase the value of the room and raise your dwarf’s mood.

If you have enough resources to splurge around, you can check your dwarf’s personality and see what materials and items bring them joy to upgrade the room.

At this point, your dwarves should have cozy little spaces for themselves. While they bring in their possessions and rest, you can explore more of our Dwarf Fortress guides and learn how to build and use hospitals or get flux stones.

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How to Create a Bedroom in Dwarf Fortress


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