How to Get and Play Ye Suhua in Dislyte


By launching the Dislyte game, you are immersed in an incredible world of technology and ancient myths, in which the power of the gods was granted to the chosen people. Among many unique espers, each player will be able to assemble his ideal team, as each character has his unique abilities and skills. In today’s guide, we will talk about the Ye Suhua esper, tell you how to get it, and use it in battle.

How to Get and Play Ye Suhua in Dislyte

Ye Suhua is powerful support as she can not only buff allies but also heal them. Ye Suhua is the kind of character that can single-handedly help the whole team and keep them from being distracted by healing, but before you can use it, you need to get it.

How to Get Ye Suhua in Dislyte

To get Ye Suhua you need to do the following:

  • Open to the Ripple Dimensions game mode, in the Trials tab. This mode is similar to Boss Raid, but here you have to fight espers to unlock them. Ye Suhua is available for a limited time, and you need to hurry up to get it.
  • To join Ripple Dimensions, you should track the global chat to join the raid of a random player, but you need to do this very quickly since many people want to join.
  • You can also create a raid yourself, but for this, you will need to farm a lot of Ritual and Sonic Miracles. It will take a lot of time, but with this method, you will be able to participate in the raid with 100%.

If you didn’t get Ye Suhua after the first raid, you should visit him a few more times, as you need to collect 30 Ye Suhua Ripples to unlock this character.

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How to Play Ye Suhua in Dislyte

As we said earlier, Ye Suhua is an excellent support esper, capable of both buffing allies and restoring their health. Therefore, the team with Ye Suhua should have powerful espers able to protect her and attack opponents instead of her.

Despite her abilities, without good equipment, Ye Suhua will not be able to reach her full potential, so here are some good equipment options for this character:

  • Set 1: Abiding Panacea Set x4, Master Grove Set x2.
  • Set 2: Abiding Panacea Set x4, Adamantine Set x2.

Finally, let’s add that Ye Suhua is an exclusively supportive character that does not have the status of the Captain, but thanks to her skills, she can become an integral part of any team.

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How to Get and Play Ye Suhua in Dislyte


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