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How to Get and Play Tea Knight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom – New Cookie

How to Get and Play Tea Knight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom – New Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play game made by Devsisters. It is one of the more unique games out there, being a hybrid of RPG and city-builder, two of the most popular game genres.

Cookie Run: Kingdom released globally in the winter of 2020, followed by the English version on January 21, 2021, to much critical acclaim and fanfare. It was so anticipated that the game had more than 3 million pre-registered downloads.


Cookie Run: Kingdom is the eighth installment in the series, following the endless-runner system formula from the previous games that made the franchise so successful. The game tells the stories of cookies that want to create a kingdom of their very own and puts you in the shoes of the brave cookies that aim to make it possible.

Throughout the game, the cookies will battle dangerous beasts made of cake, explore other kingdoms, including those created by other players, and finally unravel the mystery of why the Ancient Heroes disappeared from their world.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has various types of cookies that fight on your behalf, starting off with the GingerBrave, all the way up to the Frost Queen Cookie. One of the best cookies that players can use would be the Tea Knight Cookie, and this is how you acquire him.

Acquiring the Tea Knight Cookie

Tea Knight Cookie is an epic cookie that was released alongside the Eclair Cookie as part of the 2.6.001 update version. Tea Knight Cookie is of the Charge class, which will make him strong enough to initiate the fight and do major damage to the enemy. He is also prioritized to the front row, which will make sure his backline teammates will be safe from harm while he deals damage.

Acquiring this Epic Charge Cookie will need the player to use their gacha luck and Cookie Cutters under the Special Featured Cookie section for Tea Knight Cookie. To make it easier on the players, diamonds can also be used, giving a higher chance of acquiring Tea Knight Cookie. The player can also acquire Tea Knight Cookie from the “Track Tea Knight Cookie” event under the Events tab!

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How to Get and Play Tea Knight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom – New Cookie


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