How to Get and Play Sally in Dislyte


Dislyte is a game that will be equally interesting for both fantasy and sci-fi fans. In the technological world of the future, espers have appeared – people with the abilities of gods, and now you can summon them to your team to fight against powerful opponents. There are many unique espers in the game, and today we will tell you how to get and use Sally, who received the blessing of the goddess Sif.

How to Get and Play Sally in Dislyte

Sally is a legendary support character who can save the health of her allies during the most serious battles.

Using the skill Ode To Joy, she reduces the damage taken by her team, heals allies, and removes debuffs from them. Universal skill helps her remove all debuffs from her team, even out their health, and increase their ATK.

Having learned about Sally’s abilities, you can immediately understand that she is a very powerful esper, but getting her is not so easy. Since she is a legendary character, the chance to summon Sally is very small, and there are no other ways to get Sally in the game.

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How to Play Sally in Dislyte

Sally (Sif) Guide Dislyte - Pillar Of Gaming
Although Sally is an incredible character with useful skills, you need to know how to use her:

  • Use her third ability to maintain health, not to solve hopeless situations. First, you need to use the second ability to remove all debuffs and restore health, and after that use the third skill regardless of the state of health of allies to keep their health at a high level.
  • Do not forget that Sally is not an instant healer, but a supporting character, which means you need to think two moves ahead and use her abilities in advance.
  • To win, use high-quality equipment, but at the same time choose what you like. You can increase Sally’s speed or health, both of which will be useful during the fight.
  • If you’re going to be fighting an enemy with a lot of health and you know it’s going to be a long fight, you should make Sally the Captain to increase your team’s resistance by 40%. You can also use Ye Suhua in tandem with Sally so that a large cooldown of abilities would not cause a loss.

Do you have some additional tips for playing Sally? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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How to Get and Play Sally in Dislyte


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