How to Get and Play Raven in Dislyte


Dislyte is an incredible world of the future in which technology and ancient myths have become one. Some chosen people gained the powers of the gods and became known as espers. By playing Dislyte, you have the opportunity to get many unique espers, each of which has unique abilities. Today we will talk about the Raven esper, and tell you how to get it and use it in battle.

How to Get and Play Raven in Dislyte

Raven is a legendary five-star esper that you should get in your collection. This girl was chosen by the god Odin, which is why she has incredible strength and is one of the best AoE and DPS characters in the game.

How to Get Raven in Dislyte

Unfortunately, there is no 100% chance to get Raven, and to unlock this esper you will have to make an incredible amount of summons. Although, you might get lucky and get Raven after a few summons. We also advise you to keep track of in-game events, as sometimes the chance of getting some characters can be increased. And when there is an increased chance to get Raven, you should have enough crystals to make a lot of summons.

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How to Play Raven in Dislyte

Raven (Odin)

As we said earlier, Raven has powerful abilities that allow her to be a great AoE character. But instead of dealing damage, she significantly buffs her allies, reduces the enemy’s health, and removes their positive effects.

Thanks to the Eternal Comet and Sunset skills, Raven can cancel the positive effects of enemies, and not only deal damage but also reduce the maximum amount of health of enemies.

Raven also has a powerful Sleipnir skill, using which she removes all debuffs from herself, and all positive effects from enemies, and after that deal huge damage to all enemies.

Although Raven is already incredibly strong, she can become powerful team support, because if you make her Сaptain

all allied Espers ATK increases 30%.

And of course, when going into battle, you should give Raven good equipment:

Set 1: Wind Walker Set x4 +25% SPD; Fiery Incandescence Set x2 +20% Crit Rate.

Set 2:War Machine Set x4 +30% ATK; Fiery Incandescence Set x2 +20% Crit Rate.

Finally, we want to add that Raven is a great character for any role in the team, as she can be both a DPS and support and even a good third option.

What’s your opinion on Raven? Is she one of your favorite Espers? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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How to Get and Play Raven in Dislyte


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