How to Get and Play Lin Xiao in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


Dislyte is an exciting RPG with an interesting storyline. Different people appeared in the world with the powers of the gods to fight various enemies. Players must collect these Espers and fight in turn-based battles. Each Esper is unique and has several skills. Moreover, players can create different builds to suit their tastes. And in this guide, we will tell you about Lin Xiao.

How to Get Lin Xiao

Like all popular RPGs, Dislyte uses the Gacha system. Players use Silver Record and Gold Record to summon new Espers. Lin Xia is a 4-star Esper. However, because this character is glittering, the chance of getting it is 6%. While other 4-star Espers have a 9% chance. We recommend using Silver Records as they are easier to get.

How to Play Lin Xiao

Lin Xiao, also known as White Tiger, is an Esper that will suit most teams and will also be effective in all modes. She can deal massive damage to enemies, increase her CRIT TX, and apply various debuffs. Let’s now look at her skills:

  • Tiger’s Light – Lin Xiao deals damage to all enemies and has an 80% chance to inflict DEF and VIT debuffs. The skill also stacks Growl to three.
  • Whiplash – Lin Xiao deals 230% damage to the enemy and also applies two Bleed Debuffs for two turns. And if the attack deals a critical hit, then an additional two Bleed Debuffs are inflicted to the enemy for two turns.
  • Tiger Fist – Lin Xiao deals 140% damage to the enemy and has a chance to inflict 80% Disease for 2 turns. And if the attack deals critical damage, then the enemy AP will decrease by 30%.

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As for the relics, we recommend that you use the Hades Set, which will restore Lin Xiao’s health after each attack. And the second Set is the Sword Avatara, which gives Lin Xiao a 25% chance for an extra attack. So, this Esper will be able to inflict various debuffs more often and help the team with this.

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How to Get and Play Lin Xiao in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


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