How to Get and Play Fabrice in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


Dislyte is a very addicting futuristic RPG. The player will have to assemble various teams from unique Espers. Also, the game has a diverse system of upgrades, so players can create different builds. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get and play Fabrice.

How to Get Fabrice

Fabrice is a 4-star Esper that should be in your collection. However, he cannot be summoned like most other Espers. Instead, you should use Esper Fusion. This feature becomes available in the War Room after you reach Account level 19. Here is a list of all the Espers you need to combine to get Fabrice:

  • 4 Ascension Berenice
  • 4 Ascension Flow Esper
  • 4 Ascension Inferno Esper
  • 4 Ascension Wind Esper

How to Play Fabrice

Fabrice is a 4-star Air Esper who plays the role of support. He can apply various buffs to allies and even heal. This Esper is effective in almost all game modes and can be useful for any team. Here are the abilities he has:

  • Glorious Aura – Fabrice deals 110% damage to an enemy and inflicts Recovery on the ally with the lowest health.
  • Love Sonata – Fabrice gives one of the allies 100% AP. This skill has a 3 turn cooldown.
  • Autumn Butterflies – Fabrice inflicts Invincibility on one ally for one turn. All allies also receive an Immunity buff for two turns. This skill has a 3 turn cooldown.
  • Captain Ability – The resistance of all Espers is increased by 30%.

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We recommend that you use the Neptunian Waves Set for Fabrice, which will allow you to instantly recharge all abilities. As well as the Master Grove Set which will increase your health by 20%. Any team that you take Fabrice to will become several times stronger. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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How to Get and Play Fabrice in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


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