How to Get and Play Donar in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


The fans of Distyle inquire about all the ways of getting and playing Donar in the game. We are glad to help you out!

Like all the other game characters, this one can be achieved through gacha. Donar is considered to be a legendary esper. It is highly recommended to use him in a team with an excellent Defense level and healers. This character is a superb asper, and there are reasons for that: he has multiple useful buffs like DEF Up, Immunity Buff, and one more called Thunder Blessing. The latter is usually used to level up the character’s defense to 100%. Moreover, Donar is a fantastic esper for all Distyte content, especially Point War.

So, if you are one of those players interested in tips for playing Donar, we will be glad to help you with that! We have created a detailed guide covering this topic, so keep reading to find more information about this character!

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Playing Donar in Dislyte: Basic Information

So, what you need to know about Donar is that his rarity is Legendary, and his specialty is Tank. The element of this character is Shimmer. As Donar gets the power of Thor, he is sure he can crush any rival who wants to stand in his way. 

Please check the set recommendations of this character:

  1. Hades Set X4: 35% of damage dealt is used to regenerate

            Stoneveins Set X2: +25% DEF

      2. Hades Set X4: 35% of damage dealt is used to regenerate HP.

            Sword Avatara Set X2: 30% chance of using the essential ability to counterattack, taking damage.

The skills of Donar are:

  • Upward Lightning
  • Thundercrack
  • Explosions in the Sky
  • Captain Ability

Now you know how to get and play this character. Have fun playing the game!

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How to Get and Play Donar in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


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