Cookie Run: Kingdom Adventurer Cookie

Rare Cookies will always come through to save the day. They cool down rather quickly and make an important addition to the squad. Adventurer Cookie is one such Rare Cookie that will go well with your team.

cookie run kingdom bonds
Adventurer Cookie and Blackberry Cookie bond

The Adventurer Cookie shares a bond with the Blackberry Cookie, as he is Blackberry Cookie’s employer. This “At the Mansion” bond is unlocked when both of these cookies are unlocked.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Unlock Adventurer Cookie

If you want to add the Adventurer Cookie to your squad, you’ll have to unlock it through the regular Gacha. You can use Cookie Cutters or crystals.

adventurer cookie cookie run kingdom
Adventurer Cookie’s Gacha Probability

As is the case with all the Rare Cookies, the Adventurer Cookie has a 0.380% chance of being drawn. His Soulstone has a 2.310% chance of being drawn.

cookie run kingdom adventurer cookie
Adventurer Cookie unlocked (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Do you see that rope in Adventurer Cookie’s hands? Yes, his special ability has something to do with it. This superpower is called ‘Rope Master.’ When activated, he sneaks up behind the rear enemies and attacks them with the rope.

Adventurer Cookie is a rare Ambush class Cookie. If you add him to your squad, he will take up the rear position. Don’t forget to add the Searing Raspberry topping!

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