The New War is one of the biggest cinematic expansions of Warframe. It expands the story of the base game introducing new Warframes, playable characters, missions, dailies, and much more. It also adds a collection of accessories, Protovyre, that players can get and use in the game to battle the Sentient invasion.

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In this Warframe guide, we will share details on how you can get and level up all Protovyre accessories.

How to Get All Protovyre Accessories in Warframe

The Protovyre is a premium accessory set that you can buy from the Market for 310 Platinum. If you buy Warframe: The New War Resistance Pack for 44.99 USD, you will get 700 Platinum with it. You can use the obtained Platinum to get the Protovyre accessories. 

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Or, you can get the 300 or 370 [70 extra Platinum is first purchase bonus] Platinum for 19.99 USD. Though, we don’t recommend it as with Warframe: The New War Resistance Pack, you get a ton of other items. 

How to Level Up All Protovyre Accessories in Warframe

With the Protovyre collection, players get armor pieces, and Ephemera, and a Syandana. Each of these items has three tiers with the base tier being Tier-1. 

You can upgrade the items obtained via Protovyre by completing challenges. To help you out, we have listed everything you have to do to reach max tier with the armor pieces, the Ephemera, and the Syandana.

Upgrading Armor Set Obtained from Protovyre 

  • Tier 2 – 95 Sentient kills with Tier 1 armor equipped
  • Tier 3 – 395 Sentient kills with Tier 2 armor equipped

You will get plenty of Sentients to kill during The New War expansion quests. 

We recommend players restart the Octavia quest to farm Sentients. Alternatively, players can also go through the Railjack mission to farm Sentients. 

Upgrading The Epehmera Obtained from Protovyre 

  • Tier 2 – gain 250,000 Focus with Tier 1 Epehmera equipped
  • Tier 3 – gain 500,000 Focus with Tier 2 Epehmera equipped

The Elite Sanctuary Onslaught event is one of the best places to earn high number of Focus. 

Upgrading the Synandana Obtained from Protovyre 

  • Tier 2 – collect 15 Relics with the Tier 1 Synandana equipped
  • Tier 3 – collect 75 Relics with the Tier 2 Synandana equipped

Warframe is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/X, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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How to Get and Level Up all Protovyre Accessories in Warframe


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