Warframe: The New War is one of the biggest cinematic expansions that add a new thrilling storyline, areas to explore and discover, new enemies and threats to battle, new allies, quests, events, challenges, a fair number of new playable characters, along with a new Warframe.  

Apart from the new sentient-themed Warframe Caliban: The Sentient, you will also get to play The New Order update with new playable characters having unique abilities, traits, aesthetics, background story, and other similar things. 

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In this Warframe guide, we will list the new playable characters coming with Warframe: The New Order expansion. 

All New Playable Characters in Warframe The New War Expansion

Apart from Tenno, here are the other characters becoming playable with Warframe: The New Order expansion:


The Grineer trooper Kahl will become playable in The New War expansion during a quest. He is equipped with a Grakata, a Machete, incendiary grenades, and deployable Blunt barricades, which you can use to battle the Sentients. 


Veso is a Corpus Tech whom players can control during one of the New War quests. He is equipped with Plinx, Prova, and a Corpus Data Pad that players can use to summon and issue orders to robotic units in the vicinity. 


Tenshin is a skilled Dax soldier and a well-known character in Warframe who will become playable with The New Order update. He is the Conclave master who is responsible for the management of Conclave’s PvP system. 

Warframe is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/X, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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All New Playable Characters in Warframe The New War Expansion


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