How to Get Ancient Debris in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Get Ancient Debris in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Have you already heard about the new mineral that was added to Minecraft? It is called ancient debris. It is a type of ore appearing in the hellish nether realm. It is highly recommended to get it as with its help one will get the possibility to craft valuable netherite ingots. To do this, you will require four pieces of ancient debris.

Are you interested in getting ancient debris in the game? If yes, we have prepared a detailed guide covering how this can be achieved. Keep reading to know all the needed information!

Getting Ancient Debris in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Keep in mind that this type of ore can appear anywhere from zero to one hundred twenty-eight in the nether realm. Still, to get higher chances of getting the desired ore, we recommend mining as deep as possible.

The highest chances of getting the desired result are once you start mining somewhere closer to Y level 15 in Minecraft.

It is not hard to insta-mine Netherrack; nevertheless, one can locate debris using beacons with haste effect fast.

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Due to the high level of blast resistance of ancient debris, one has the possibility to utilize items that quickly explode to locate the type of ore mentioned above. This way of finding ancient debris is not challenging and allows you to turn the ancient debris into netherite ingots in Minecraft.

Now you know how to get ancient debris in the game. Choose the preferable way and get it! Enjoy playing!

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How to Get Ancient Debris in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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