Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin’s early September title update added Oroshi Kirin as a hatchable monstie. Statistically, it’s a very similar monstie to regular Kirin, but instead of using thunder attacks, it uses ice and has much darker coloration.

Unlike many of the new monsties in Wings of Ruin’s free updates, Oroshi Kirin doesn’t have a special co-op quest like Ice Eggs or Fire Eggs and isn’t even available from any of these quests. Instead, you can fight it in the new single player subquest, Ice Phantom. Like other subquests, you can pick up Ice Phantom at the quest board.

Oroshi Kirin’s subquest sends you to Loloska Forest, where you can enter a special quest den at the northwest corner of the map and make your way into the icy equine’s lair. Before you can gather an egg, however, you will have to fight a full-grown Oroshi Kirin. Some strategic tips to beating it are as follows:

  • Oroshi Kirin is weak to fire. Blunt and slashing attacks are your best bet for attacking its body and head, while piercing attacks work better on its legs.
  • It uses ice element attacks, so be mindful that it will deal a lot of damage to any of your monsties that are weak to ice.
  • It will start the fight using speed attacks and then switch to power attacks when enraged.
  • At least while enraged, Oroshi Kirin can attack multiple times per turn. This means that even winning a head-to-head with a double attack won’t completely stop it from attacking you.
  • If you’re at risk of losing a heart from multiple consecutive Oroshi Kirin attacks, using a kinship skill will completely prevent it from attacking during that turn.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch monsties if the second attack in one turn has a good chance of knocking your current monstie out.
  • If you’re really struggling, you can also pool kinship on multiple monsties and unleash multiple consecutive kinship skills when it enrages to completely stop its attacks.

Once you defeat the Oroshi Kirin, you’ll be able to scavenge eggs from the nest it was protecting. These actually only have a low chance of being an Oroshi Kirin egg, so you will likely have to repeat the subquest multiple times.

Alternatively, if you’re struggling with the subquest fight, you can actually find Oroshi Kirin eggs in any rare den that appears in Loloska Forest or Loloska Rocky Canyon—even low rank ones! Be advised, though, that the eggs won’t show up if the subquest isn’t available for you yet.

That sums up everything that there is to know about farming Oroshi Kirin eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Bear in mind that every known source of the eggs has a very low drop rate, so unless you’re extremely lucky, you might be farming dens in Loloska for quite a while.

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