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How to Get All Swords in Roblox Fruit Warriors

How to Get All Swords in Roblox Fruit Warriors

Roblox Fruit Warriors is an action RPG Roblox experience that is heavily inspired by the hit anime and manga, One Piece. Players can fight enemies using martial arts, magical Fruit powers, and of course razor-sharp swords.

The world of Fruit Warriors has plenty of swords for you to try out, but first they must be found. Here is how to get all swords in Roblox Fruit Warriors.

Getting all swords in Roblox Fruit Warriors

The Katana is the first sword you can purchase in Fruit Warriors, and it is located on the starting island, Rookie Town. Behind the Fruit Merchant is a Blacksmith that sells you the Katana for B$5,000.

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The Shinsen can be obtained from Snow Island. From the docks, head up the stairs and make a left once you reach the Fruit Merchant. You will find another Blacksmith selling the Shinsen for B$1,200,000.

The Nameless Katana can be obtained from Desert Island. From the docks, go up the large staircase, then make a right at the top. Go past the Fruit Merchant to find the Blacksmith selling the Nameless Katana for B$1,600,000.

The Seastone Baton drops from the Smoker Boss, who periodically spawns near the waterfall on Fallen Island. Fallen Island is the bottom half of Sky Island, so set your map compass to Sky Island to find it.

Bear in mind that the Smoker Boss takes a while to spawn, and when he does, a server-wide message appears at the top of the screen.

The Sawshark Blade drops from the Sawshark Boss, a boss that spawns on Arena Island, which is near Jungle Island. You cannot mark it with your map compass, so just sail to Jungle Island and look for a small island with six trees on it.

Similar to the Smoker Boss, the Sawshark Boss spawns with a server-wide message that appears at the top of your screen. Be ready to fight if you’re looking for the Sawshark Blade.

The Night Katana drops from Anubis, a boss that spawns on Desert Island. From the docks, head up the staircase and take the elevator up to the top half of Desert Island.

Move forward to reach a bridge that crosses a bottomless pit. Keep going up the staircases to find a miscellaneous NPC that tells you of the horrors that lurk within the desert ruins. Naturally, we want to keep moving forward.

You will reach the center of the ruins with a lot of Pharaoh Guards roaming around. Towards the center is a staircase leading up to a small area, and this is where Anubis spawns.

Those are all the swords you can get in Roblox Fruit Warriors right now. If you have any other tips or questions about the game, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get All Swords in Roblox Fruit Warriors


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