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How to Get Tokens Fast in Roblox Fruit Warriors

How to Get Tokens Fast in Roblox Fruit Warriors
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Fruit Warriors is a popular Roblox game where players can choose from various fruit-based characters and battle against other players or enemies. Almost all fruits are inspired by the devil fruits in the popular anime and manga, One Piece. The game uses various weapons and abilities to defeat opponents and progress through levels. This guide will tell you about tokens in Roblox Fruit Warriors and the best ways to obtain them.

Roblox Fruit Warriors Token Guide

Token is a valuable in-game currency in Roblox Fruit Warriors. In the game, you can see the total number of tokens and beli in your account. There are three ways to get tokens in Fruit Warriors:

1) Redeem codes

Like most Roblox games, Fruit Warriors also has the option to use redemption codes. Developers release redemption codes for players to earn some free rewards like tokens. You can find redeem codes on Fruit Warriors’ official discord server and Twitter account. To redeem the codes, go to Settings and enter your code to get the free rewards.

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2) Buy tokens using Robox

Buy tokens
Image via Roblox Fruit Warriors

Robux is the premium currency of all Roblox games. You can pay real money to buy Robux and use it to purchase tokens in Roblox Fruit Warriors. You can find the following offers in the shop:

  • 1 token for 79 robux
  •  3 tokens for 188 robux
  •  5 tokens for 316 robux
  •  10 tokens for 591 robux

3) Fight super bosses

The third and final way to get is by beating the two super bosses – Smoker and Arlong. You can earn 3 tokens by defeating a super boss. Both bosses are close to the starter island. You can encounter Smoker in Sky Island, whereas Arlong is in the Arena.

For new players, beating super bosses is pretty much next to impossible. However, once you level up and have better gear, you can attempt to farm super bosses and get tokens. It is a F2P method to get tokens in Roblox Fruit Warriors.

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How to Get Tokens Fast in Roblox Fruit Warriors


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