How to Get All Season 3 Rewards for Idle Champions


Season 3: Ancients and Lawbringers in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is officially underway, and players can earn a special currency to claim some sweet rewards. Today, we’ll show you how to get all season 3 rewards for Idle Champions!

Earning all season 3 rewards in Idle Champions

Season 3 has started in Idle Champions, and it’s lasting for roughly two and half months. As always, there is a brand-new list of seasonal, milestone, and daily quests for you to sink your teeth into.

This time around, the reward list has a grand total of 11 tiers to it, and each tier has its own set of free and season pass rewards. The season pass costs 9.99 USD, and season pass rewards are marked with a purple lock icon.

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You begin at season level 1, which only grants you access to the first tier of rewards. To level up your season level, you must complete seasonal quests, which includes milestone and daily quests.

Once you gain enough season experience, your season level increases. Each reward tier unlocks at a certain season level, so check the list to see what you need to get to.

However, simply unlocking the tier isn’t enough to get the rewards—you still have to buy them! Every time you complete a seasonal quest, you also earn seasonal currency, which can be spent on tier rewards.

The free rewards for season 3 includes:

  • Unaffiliated Modron Core
  • Unaffiliated Modron Core XP
  • Rare Feat: Turiel
  • Rare Feat: Spurt
  • Rare Feat: Hew Maan
  • Rare Feat: Birdsong
  • Rare Feat: Barrowin
  • Time Gate Pieces
  • Supply Chests
  • Season Chests

The premium rewards for season 3 that require you to purchase the season pass includes:

  • Familiar: Valenar Pup
  • Epic Feat: Turiel
  • Epic Feat: Spurt
  • Epic Feat: Hew Maan
  • Epic Feat: Birdsong
  • Epic Feat: Barrowin
  • Skin: Ancient Turiel
  • Skin: Lawbringer Spurt
  • Skin: Law Maan
  • Skin: Lawbringer Birdsong
  • Skin: Ancient Barrowin

To summarize, you must complete as many seasonal quests as you can in order to get all the season 3 rewards. If you want to get every single reward, including the season pass exclusive rewards, you’ll have to fork over real money for the season pass.

That concludes our guide on how to get all season 3 rewards for Idle Champions. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get All Season 3 Rewards for Idle Champions


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