Welcome back Minos! We’re here with another guide on Mino Monsters 2: Evolution. This time, we’ll show you where to tame all of the minos in the game. Please note that there is a sizable amount of minos that can only be obtained through the monster chest which is opened with gems, the premium currency. As such, they will not be listed here as it is random what you’ll get from the chests.

This guide will show you the locations where you can find minos. If they’re rare, it’ll also list that and the encounter rate chance. Be sure you have the appropriate candy with you if you’re going for a rare or mega rare mino! Let’s get start with our guide on how to get all minos in Mino Monsters 2: Evolution!

Fire Type
Water Type
Earth Type
Air Type
Electric Type

Water Island

Sprout: Beach
Squiddo: Beach
Pigward: Sandbar
Plataby (Mega Rare): Sandbar (3%)
Leafums: Jungle
Embur: Jungle
Vertis (Rare): Jungle III-V (5%)
Thiefums (Rare): Jungle V (5%)
Alfons: Waterfall Steppes, Waterfall Heights
Alakin: Waterfall Steppes, Waterfall Heights
Belooba (Rare): Waterfall Steppes III-IV, Waterfall Heights (5%)

Earth Island

Jeffrey (Rare): Prairie I-IV (12%)
Buzzflee (Rare): Prairie I-IV(12%)
Bofalo (Rare): Prairie V-IX (6-10%)
Skitch: Prairie VIII-IX
Pricklepine: Arid Desert
Fluffowl (Mega Rare): Arid Desert (2%)
Alakin: Prairie V

Fire Island

Monkzee: Sand Dunes
Terosoar (Mega Rare): Sand Dunes (3%)
Magmeleon: Canyon
Pupruff: Canyon
Frillava: Lavafields
Serafawn (Mega Rare): Lavafields (8%)

And that’s about it for all of the minos found in the actual world. If you have any other tips to share, leave a comment below!

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