How to Get All Items in Merge Mansion – Full Items List


Merge Mansion is a matching and merging game with an intriguing storyline. Players merge items in order to gain new ones, and discover additional items as they play. Check out the alphabetical list below to see what items are available, and how to gain new or upgraded items in every different item cascade. Here is our guide on how to get all items in Merge Mansion – full items list!

All Items in Merge Mansion

Some items are gained from chests and boxes, while others are found in a cascade. A cascade is when an item is merged to create another, all the way until they cannot be merged any longer. For example: The Beginning cascade is Small Tin Can > One Cent > Tin Can > One Dollar > 3 Cans > 9 Cans > Dollar Stack > Pile of Cash > Tin Can Factory > Big Pile of Cash > Mansion Gate > Briefcase of Cash > Stone Can. So to get the top item of Stone Can, players must merge all previous level items first.

The Beginning Item Cascade (via Metacore Games)

The following list is in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to search for the item you require.

ItemFromItem GainedCascade
BenchWood L4Wooden Bench > Wooden Stool > Stool L3 > Stool L4 > Wooden Chair > Garden Bench L6 > Garden Bench L7 > Armchair > Armchair L9
BottlePeony Flower Bud L5+Sailing Ship, ShrapnelWater Leaf > Water Pipette > Small Water Bottle > Medium Water Bottle > Large Water Bottle L5 > Large Water Bottle L6 > Large Water Bottle L7 > Ship in a Bottle
Brick Mason ToolsCement MixerGauging Trowel > Metal Float > Helmet > Bricklayer’s Hammer > Cement Bucket
Broom CabinetChests, Fancy Blue ChestCloth, Toothpaste, Cleaning Tools, DetergentBolt & Screw > Handle > Handle Assembly > Cabinet Door > Cabinet Frame > Cabinet L6 > Cabinet L7 > Broom Cabinet L8 > Boosted Broom Cabinet > Professional Broom Cabinet I > Professional Broom Cabinet II
ButterflyOrange Flower L6Butterfly L1 > Butterfly L2 > Butterfly L3 > Butterfly L4 > Butterfly L5 > Butterfly L6
Casey and SkatiePool Toys L6+Flip-Flops > Roller Skates > Sunglasses > Sandals > Surfboard > Beach Towel > Necklaces > Pinwheel > White Surrender Flag > Skateboard > An Idol > Casey Sign
Cleaning ToolsBroom Cabinet L5, Red BoxCloth > Bucket > Sponge > Plunger > Spray Bottle > Brush > Dustpan > Duster > Mop > Squeegee > Broom
Concrete MixerWheelbarrow and Gloves Task Level 34Pile of Sand, Gauging TrowelConcrete Mixer
DetergentBroom Cabinet L5+, Red BoxToothpaste > Bar of Soap > Liquid Soap > Power Detergent > Softener > Turpentine > Polishing Wax
DrawerChests, BoxesPot Fragment, Vase L1, Closed Tool CrateDrawer Knob > Drawer Knobs > Drawer Box > Drawer Boxes > Drawer L5 > Drawer L6 > Drawer L7
Empty Seed BagLarge Seed Bag Golden Seed (2 x L4 Seed Bags combined)Empty Seed Bag L1 > Empty Seed Bag L2 > Pile of Seed Bags L3 > Sack of Empty Seed Bags L4
FlowerpotDrawer L6+Seed PouchPot Fragment > Broken Pot > Cracked Pot > Pot L4 > Pot L5 > Pot L6 > Blue Pot L7 > Blue Pot L8 > Blue Pot L9 > Blue Pot L10
Garden StatueIgnatius Boulton 3-Day EventSmall Tin Can, One CentRock > Urn Sculpture I > Stone Pillar I > Stone Pillar II > Urn Sculpture II > Stone Gate
Gardening GlovesGardening Toolbox L4+, Plain Box, Green BoxGardening Gloves > Gardening Gloves L2 > Gardening Gloves L3
Gardening ToolboxChests, Boxes, Game Store, Drawer L7Garden Knife, Garden Fork, Gardening GloveClosed Tool Crate > Dusty Tool Crate > Tool Crate > Tool Barrel L4 > Tool Barrel L5 > Tool Barrel L6 > Tool Barrel L7 > Tool Barrel L8 > Tool Barrel L9 > Tool Barrel L10 > Tool Barrel L11
Gardening ToolsGardening Toolbox L4+, Plain Box, Green BoxGarden Knife > Garden Fork > Pruning Shears > Axe > Spade > Knife > Leaf Rake > Hedge Shears > Wheelbarrow > Saw > Shovel > Soil Rake > Hoe > Chainsaw
Golden TreeStack of Empty Seed BagsGolden Seed > Golden Sprout > Golden Seedling > Golden Tree L4 > Golden Tree L5 > Golden Tree L6 > Golden Tree L7 > Golden Tree L8
LampToy Car L7+Moth L1Bulb box > Light Bulb > Post Light L3 > Post Light L4 > Post Light L5 > Post Light L6
Lindsey HopperMake Up Tools L5+Lindsay > Statue of Liberty > Safe > Bull > Bag of Money > Bear > Empty Safe > Theatre Mask > Spray Can > Modern Factory > Hood Ornament
LocketVase L1Private Handsome (Love Story Cascade)Pouch > Locket L2 > Locket L3 > Locket L4 > Locket L5
Love StoryLocket L5 Private Handsome > The Beautiful Debutante > A Romantic Gesture > First Date Nerves > Love Blossoms > Sweets for My Sweet > Sugar for My Sugar > Valentine’s Bouquet > Two Hearts Become One > Two Rings > Wedded Bliss > Newborn Baby
Make Up ToolsLindsay’s New York Story (3-Day Event) Lindsay, The Statue of Liberty, Safe L5+Powder Puff > Bobby Pin > Nail File > Cosmetic Brush > Eye Shadow Brush
MasonryCement MixerPile of Sand > Pile of Cement > Pile of Rocks > Cement Bags > Paving Slabs > Bricks > Edge Pavers > Large Paving Slab
MosaicVase ShrapnelMosaic L1 > Mosaic L2 > Mosaic L3 > Mosaic L4 > Mosaic L5 > Mosaic L6 > Mosaic L7 > Mosaic L8 > Mosaic L9 > Mosaic L10 > Mosaic L11 > Mosaic L12
MothPost Light L6 SilkMoth L1 > Moth L2 > Moth L3 > Moth L4 > Moth L5 > Moth L6
Orange FlowerSeed BagButterflyOrange Flower Seed > Orange Flower Seedling > Orange Flower Bud L3 > Orange Flower Bud L4 > Orange Flower L5 > Orange Flower L6
PaintToolbox L4, Blue Box, Daily TaskPaint Can L1 > Paint Can L2 > Paint Can L3 > Paint Can L4
Peony FlowerVase L6+Water Leaf Peony Flower Seeds > Peony Flower Pot > Peony Flower Seedling > Peony Flower Bud L4 > Peony Flower Bud L5 > Peony Flower
Planted BushBrown ChestsPlanted Flower Seed, Planted Flower Bud, Planted Flower SeedlingSeeds > Seedling > Small Bush > Bush L4 > Bush L5 > Blossoming Bush L6 > Blossoming Bush L7 > Blossoming Bush L8 > Blossoming Bush L9
Planted FlowerPlanted Bush Planted Flower Seed > Planted Flower Seedling > Planted Flower Bud L3 > Planted Flower Bud L4 > Planted Flower L5 > Planted Flower L6 > Planted Flower L7 > Planted Flower L8 > Planted Flower L9
Pool ToysCasey & Skatie 3-Day EventFlip-Flops, Roller SkatesInflatable Ball > Swimming Mattress > Inflatable Donut > Inflatable Crab > Inflatable Turtle > Inflatable Dolphin
ScarabScarab BoxScarab L1 > Scarab L2 > Scarab L3 > Scarab L4 > Scarab L5 > Scarab L6
Scarab BoxShipping Container ScarabScarab Box L1 > Scarab Box L2 > Scarab Box L3 > Scarab Box L4 > Scarab Box L5
ScrewsToolbox L4+, Blue Box, Daily TaskScrew > Screws > Screws L3 > Screws L4 > Box of Screws
Seed BagFlower Pot L6+, Green BoxFlower SeedsSeed Packet L1 > Seed Packet L2 > Small Seed Bag > Large Seed Bag.
ShipShip in a BottleShipping ContainerSailing Ship > Sailing Ship L2 > Passenger Ship > Cargo Ship
Shipping ContainerCargo ShipScarab Box, ScrewsShipping Container L1 > Shipping Container L2 > Shipping Container L3 > Shipping Container L4 > Shipping Container L5
ShrapnelVase L1 (after Locket Pouch), Ship in a Bottle (after Sailing Ship)Shrapnel
SilkMoth L6YarnSilk
Table SawLevel 34 Task after Cement MixerThick PlanksTable Saw
The BeginningIgnatius Boulton 3-Day EventSmall Tin Can > One Cent > Tin Can > One Dollar > 3 Cans > 9 Cans > Dollar Stack > Pile of Cash > Tin Can Factory > Big Pile of Cash > Mansion Gate > Briefcase of Cash > Stone Can
ToolboxFancy Blue ChestPaint Can, Screw, WrenchTool Box L1 > Toolbox L2 > Toolbox L3 > Toolbox L4 > Toolbox L5 > Toolbox L6 > Toolbox L7 > Toolbox L8 > Toolbox L9
ToolsToolbox L4+, Blue Box, Daily TaskWrench > Adjustable Wrench > Mallet > Paintbrush > Pliers > Hammer > Crowbar > Screwdriver > Paint Roller > Bolt Cutters
Toy CarFancy Blue ChestBulb BoxWheel > Wheels > 4 Wheels > Toy Car L4 > Toy Car L5 > Toy Car L6 > Toy Car L7 > Toy Car L8> Toy Car L9> Toy Car L10
TreeChest, BoxesWood, Tree SeedSeeds > Seedling > Sapling > Tree L4 > Tree L5 > Tree L6
VaseDrawer L5+Pouch L1, Peony Seeds L6+Vase L1 > Vase L2 > Vase L3 > Vase L4 > Vase L5 > Vase L6 > Vase L7 > Vase L8 > Vase L9 > Vase L10 > Vase L11
WoodTreeWooden BenchWood L1 > Wood L2 > Wood L3 > Wood L4
Wooden PlanksCement Mixer Thick Planks > 2 By 4 > 2 By 2 > Boards > Battens > Laths > Edge Strip
YarnSilk (Moth L6)Yarn L1 > Yarn L2 > Ball of Yarn L3 > Ball of Yarn L4 > Balls of Yarn L5 > More Balls of Yarn L6 > More Balls of Yarn L7 > More Balls of Yarn L8 > Weave L9 > Weave L10 > Weave L11

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So that is the full list of every item in Merge Mansion’s main story. Now you know how to obtain each item you need, why not check out some of the events you may get involved with in Merge Mansion? Good luck!

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How to Get All Items in Merge Mansion – Full Items List


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