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How to Get All Fighting Styles in Project Slayers

How to Get All Fighting Styles in Project Slayers

If you like the popular anime Demon Slayers, you might be interested in Project Slayers. It’s a highly popular game on Roblox that takes inspiration from Demon Slayers. In Project Slayers, players can discover different fighting styles directly from the anime and use them to fight against enemies.

Project Slayers is mainly a game where you can pretend to be your favorite characters from Demon Slayers. A great way to completely engage yourself in the game is by learning and using the same fighting styles as these characters. In this guide, we will help you in unlocking all the fighting styles in Project Slayers.

All Fighting Styles in Project Slayers & How to Unlock Them

In Project Slayers, there are 9 different fighting styles that you can use. These styles are: Insect Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Water Breathing, Wind Breathing, Beast Breathing, Mist Breathing, Flame Breathing, Sound Breathing, and Snow Breathing. To get access to each style, players need to find trainers in different parts of the game and complete different tasks. However, only humans can obtain the Insect, Thunder, Wind, and Water Breathing styles, not demons.

How to Unlock Insect Breathing

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To learn the Insect Breathing fighting style, you need to locate Shinobu and finish several missions. Shinobu is the instructor for Insect Breathing in Project Slayers and can be found at the Butterfly Mansion. To learn Insect Breathing, players must reach level 12 and have 5000 Wen.

How to Unlock Thunder Breathing

Jigoro Kuwajima teaches Thunder Breathing in the Zapiwara Mountains. In order to learn this style, you have to be at least level 12 and pay 5000 Wen. Additionally, you have to complete missions to acquire the
Thunder Breathing.

How to Unlock Water Breathing

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To learn the famous Water Breathing skill, you need to visit Waroru Cave and speak to Urokodaki for missions. Just like other techniques, you have to pay 5000 Wen and reach level 12 to learn Water Breathing.

How to Unlock Wind Breathing

To learn Wind Breathing, you must first reach level 15 and gather 5000 Wen. Speak to Jinger to begin the missions needed to acquire Wind Breathing. It is an attack style with a long reach that suits players who like combining attacks.

How to Unlock Beast Breathing

You can start your journey to unlock Beast Breathing once you reach level 75 and have 10000 Wen. Visit the Beast cave and search for a hole that goes into underground tunnels. Inside these tunnels, you need to locate the Beast trainer who can teach you Beast Breathing. While searching for the trainer, you might encounter Inosuke. It’s important to avoid him and stay safe from his strong Beast Breathing attacks to avoid getting killed.

How to Unlock Mist Breathing

To learn Mist Breathing, you need to be at level 75 and have 10000 wen and 150 Demon Horns. The Mist trainer can be found in map 2 at a place called Mist Trainer Location. You have to complete several missions assigned by the Mist trainer in order to master the Mist Breathing technique.

How to Unlock Flame Breathing

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The Flame Trainer in Wop City teaches the Flame Breathing technique. Similar to other fighting styles, you must complete missions to prove your worth in Project Slayers. To learn Flame Breathing, you need to be at least level 75, possess 10000 wen, and have a minimum of 150 Demon Horns.

How to Unlock Sound Breathing

You can unlock Sound Breathing when you reach level 75, gather 13000 Wen, and have at least 150 Demon Horns. Once you meet these conditions, go to the top of the Sound Cave to find the Sound Trainer. They will give you tasks to complete in order to learn the Sound Breathing style.

How to Unlock Snow Breathing

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Snow Breathing is a really special style in Project Slayers because it’s made by fans and actually comes from Genshin Impact instead of Demon Slayers. This style is inspired by Kamisato Ayaka, who uses the Cryo element. To learn Snow Breathing, you just need to reach level 75 and have 7000 wen. After that, go to the snowy area and have a chat with the Snow trainer to learn the Snow Breathing style.

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Project Slayers allow you to use only one fighting style at a time. If you already have a breathing style, a new trainer won’t talk to you. In that case, reset your breathing style by purchasing this option from the shop.

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How to Get All Fighting Styles in Project Slayers