How to get All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant


It’s just another day at the mortuary… or is it? Bring out the corpses, embalm them, and don’t forget to banish the demons lurking around! The Mortuary Assistant is a first-person horror adventure game where you must prepare bodies while keeping demonic forces at bay. Today, we’ll show you how to get all endings in The Mortuary Assistant!

Complete Guide to All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant

Please be aware that since the endings are involved, there will be heavy spoilers abound for the entire plot of The Mortuary Assistant.

In The Mortuary Assistant, you head into the mortuary for another ordinary shift. Your objective in the game is to correctly mark bodies by thoroughly examining them, and then prep them for embalming.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that something is amiss in the mortuary. Spooky things will start happening, from lifeless corpses suddenly moving to eyes lurking from the shadows.

It turns out that demonic forces have possessed some of the corpses you’re working with, and you’ll not only need to ward off demons from attacking you, but you must correctly dispose the possessed bodies.

How you go about the night and what you do towards the end of your shift will determine what ending you get. There are a total of five different endings for the game—six if you count the “game over” ending—and we’ll show you how to get each one!

Good Ending

If you paid attention and read all the support documents, you’ll learn that you need to match four correct Sigils with the Mark. Once you have all the Sigils, place them on the Mark, then place the Mark on the body. You must place the Mark on the body that is possessed, then burn it. Don’t forget the Baleful Reagent!

With the correct body burned, Rebecca will survive the night and Raymond will show up the next day, greeting a passed out Rebecca. He’ll explain that he’s been fighting this demonic war for a long time now, and that Rebecca is now a part of it.

Normal Ending

Once you’ve completed a shift with the good ending at least once, simply do it again. Rebecca will survive the night once more, waking up on the mortuary’s floor. Raymond will be there to greet her, just like the first night you survived.

This ending has Raymond telling Rebecca that there is no escape from this demonic war, and though she seemingly comes to terms with it, she wonders if there will ever be an end.

Note that once you’ve gotten the good ending, this will be the default ending from here on out, assuming you do not fulfill any of the conditions for the other endings.

“Let Me In” Bad Ending

This ending is easy to get, as all you need to do is burn the wrong body after completing two regular bodies. You will also get this ending if your Sigils are wrong, or you forget the Baleful Reagent.

With the demonic body still intact, Rebecca is possessed by the demon. Raymond still shows up in the morning, but things go south very quickly!

Six Feet Under” Ending

At some point, a hatch door will appear inexplicably in the cremation room. Enter it, and you’ll be taken to an otherworldly dimension. There will be a dark room with bodies standing up, and taking a closer look will reveal numbers and boxes on their faces.

The numbers are part of a code, and the box shows what position that number will be in. For us, the code was 197044, but it might change on your play through. Once you have the code, continue through, and you’ll end up back in the mortuary.

Near the entrance to the embalming room, you can find a safe in a drawer. Punch in the code and you’ll get a key, so head outside and around to back to find and unlock the basement hatch. Read all the documents and examine the coffin for some shocking revelations!

Head back into the mortuary and proceed with your shift as usual. Burn the possessed body correctly, and you should get the basement ending.

“Closure” Ending

Before you leave Rebecca’s apartment to start your shift, make sure to open the TV drawer and grab the two coins inside the folder. Now, play out the shift like normal. This ending takes a bit of luck, as you need a random event to trigger in order to get it.

The event has a body that looks exactly like Rebecca show up in one of the hallways. The body is hanging from the ceiling by a noose, so approach it, and it will mysteriously open its hands. Place the Ten Year Coin in her right hand—your left—and then place the Five Year Coin in her left hand, which is on your right.

The body will fade away after placing the coins correctly. All you have to do now is play out the rest of the shift and make sure to burn the correct body, and you should get this ending.

Rebecca confronts a painful memory from her past, but comes to terms with it. This is considered to be the true ending by some players.

“Just Give In” Game Over Ending

Though this is technically not considered an ending, there is a cut-scene that plays during this, so we might as well put it here.

The game over ending can be achieved by simply taking too long. Every time you witness a spooky event, Rebecca loses her grip on reality and slips further into possession. You can check your possession status using the pen and paper—if your scribbles start to look like strange symbols, you’re getting closer to full possession.

Linger around for a little longer and Rebecca will pass out, fully succumbing to the demonic forces within the mortuary. Raymond, completely aware of what has transpired, will bind Rebecca and place her inside a coffin. If you saw the “Six Feet Under” ending, you know what grisly fate awaits Rebecca.

Those are all the possible endings you can get in The Mortuary Assistant. Have any other tips to make getting a specific ending easier? Which ending is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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How to get All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant


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