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How to Get All Endings in Amanda the Adventurer

How to Get All Endings in Amanda the Adventurer
Image via MANGLEDmaw Games/DreadXP
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Amanda and her best pal Wooly are off on a grand adventure, full of nothing but sunshine and rainbows… right? Amanda the Adventurer is a supernatural horror adventure game creatively wrapped in a children’s educational show, complete with multiple endings to see. Here is how to get all endings in Amanda the Adventurer.

How to see all five endings in Amanda the Adventurer

There are exactly five endings in Amanda the Adventurer. For first timers, you always get the default ending on your first play through. After that, depending on what puzzles you solve and answers you give, you may end up on a different ending route.

Once you view one ending, you can reload your save file to be back in the attic, but with any additional things you may have unlocked on a previous run. This is required for some endings, especially the true ending.

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Ending 1: A Gruesome End

Image via MANGLEDmaw Games/DreadXP

This is the standard ending of Amanda the Adventurer, seen once you hit the end of your initial play through. You can also get this ending if you answer Amanda’s questions carelessly, so be careful! If you could not guess by the name, this ending spells doom for the main character.

To get this ending, you simply have to play through the game normally. Bake the pie, fix the clocks during the accident tape, and then play the rotting tape.

For your first play through, during the end of the rotting tape, Amanda will ask you whether everything in the world eventually rots. No matter how you respond, it always ends with Amanda breaking into the attic, killing you.

Ending 2: A Fateful End

After getting the initial ending, continue the game, and you will be back in the attic. The safe has appeared, so now you can punch in the code you got while solving the clock puzzle, which is 826.

Inside the safe is a piece of paper and a pause button. The pause button literally pauses tapes, which is needed for future tapes. The paper completes the symbols list on the desk, which will be helpful later.

Now, proceed as usual, playing the kitchen tape. Wait until the tape gets to the part where Amanda is holding a knife saying “Good job!”, then pause it. Leave the TV, and adjust the left knob on the oven, then watch the tape all the way through.

Leave the TV again. You have to bake another pie, but it is a little more complex this time.

  • Grab the mushroom from the leaking part of the wall near the TV.
  • Grab the cheese, place it on the mousetrap at the end of the attic. Turn around to hear a snap, then grab the mouse.
  • Open the shelf by the attic door and grab the pot shaped like a crescent moon. Place the pot under the roof leak and wait for the potato to grow.
Screenshot via MANGLEDmaw Games/DreadXP Steam

Place all the ingredients in the pan and bake the pie to receive another tape, so pop it into the TV and watch it all the way through. The tape is straightforward, and there are no wrong choices to make.

Leave the TV once the tape is over. Go to the coloring book now sitting on the table, and color in the stores in the following order:

  1. 24/7 store
  2. Candy store
  3. Butcher shop

This is the order you tried to visit the stores in, but you never went to the post office, so do not color it in. The drawings change once you fill in the correct colors, so do it again, and they get even worse.

Eventually, a hidden page reveals itself, showing the word GUTS and a rather gruesome drawing of a doll being decapitated with scissors. Go back to the red toolbox and input GUTS to unlock it. Grab the tape, leaving the scissors for now.

Play the tape to watch an episode where Amanda and Wooly are on a farm. The next set of actions requires you to constantly pause the tape at weather warnings to play with the new weather toy.

  • Watch the tape until the thunderstorm warning appears. Pause the tape, leave the TV, and play with the weather toy on the table. Continue watching the tape.
  • When Amanda asks about the chickens, type in anything except rooster. Another warning of weather pops up, so pause the tape and play with the toy again. Continue watching the tape.
  • When Amanda asks about the sheep, choose both the snake and spider signs for another weather warning. Play with the weather toy one last time to get a new tape. We are not quite done with the current tape yet, so hang onto the new one for now.

Return to the TV, and continue watching the current tape. Amanda runs into a helpless kitten, and eventually asks if you will help it. Answer yes here—if you say no too many times, Amanda gets fed up and kills you, just like in ending 1!

Now, play the new tape you found in the weather toy, which seems to be identical to the rotting tape, save for one key difference. The tape is straightforward, and there are no wrong answers, so watch it all the way through. Leave the TV and go to the attic door when it is done, and enjoy ending 2!

Ending 3: A Hollow End

Play through the kitchen tape as normal, then play the neighborhood tape. Watch it until you get into the corner store for a card, then pause the tape.

Leave the TV, open the toolbox with the GUTS code, and take the scissors this time. Use the scissors to cut off the doll’s head, and take the batteries from within.

Insert the batteries into Blabbot. Type in 150325, which is the price of Blabbot seen in the corner store. Return to the TV to see a bunch of color bars. Continue watching until the tape is over.

Screenshot via MANGLEDmaw Games/DreadXP Steam

Leave the TV and examine the cake and card on the table, which gives you a bunch of numbers and candles. Return to Blabbot and type in 081821, and it gives you the correct temperature and time.

Punch in 325F at 30 minutes into the oven to get another card and candle. Place the candle into the cake and open the card to reveal another number puzzle, which reveals the code 442130.

Type this code into Blabbot to get yet another number puzzle, revealing the secret code 835161. Punch these into Blabbot and it says CCDCFE. Play these notes on the toy piano to get another candle. Place the candle into the cake to get a new tape.

This is the accidents tape, but there is a cruel twist later on. Watch it all the way through; there are no wrong answers.

Leave the TV once the tape is over and grab the new tape on the table. Watch it, then leave the TV and go to the attic door to find another tape. Play this tape to gain a clue for the next number puzzle.

Go to the wardrobe and punch in 2862 into the lock. Grab the tape inside the wardrobe and play it to see a scramble message from Wooly, including the code 401258.

Input the code into Blabbot to hear another riddle. Grab the bucket inside the wardrobe, fill it with water from the leaking spot, then dump it on Blabbot… poor guy did not deserve that. Blabbot’s head pops off to reveal a key, so use it to open the chest by the attic door to find another tape.

Play the sharing tape and watch it all the way through. When Amanda asks if she can share a secret, respond with a blunt no. After the tape ends, turn around and leave through the attic door, concluding ending 3.

Ending 4: The End

Screenshot via MANGLEDmaw Games/DreadXP Steam

Continue once more, and this time unlock the wardrobe right away (2862). Grab and fill up the bucket, end poor Blabbot’s life again, and unlock the chest with the key to get the secrets tape.

Play the secrets tape again, and this time say yes multiple times, and Amanda finally tells you her secret that reveals an important plot point. Enjoy ending 4!

Ending 5: The End?

The final, secret ending to the game is considered to be the true ending, and as such, it is difficult to obtain. In order to get this ending, you need to get all the secret tapes in the game. These can be found at certain points in the game, and on any play through.

  • Before you bake the apple pie, go to the oven’s original spot to find a peach. Place the peach alone in the pan, and bake it without setting a time and temperature to receive a secret tape.
  • When Wooly is hurt, Amanda asks who can help him. Instead of typing in doctor, type in nobody instead to get a secret tape.
  • When picking out a birthday card at the store, notice the music banner, which reads out as FACADE. Play these notes on the toy piano to get a secret tape.
  • At the farm, when Amanda asks about the daddy chickens, her voice gets a little weird. Instead of typing in rooster, type in Sam to get a secret tape.
  • Go to the boxes by the chest and look behind them to get a strange looking pot. Put the pot under the leaking spot to grow a yellow flower. Give the flower to the doll, then trust her and turn around, then turn back to find the last secret tape.

With all secret tapes found, simply play out ending 4’s route as normal. Enjoy the true ending to Amanda the Adventurer—you earned it!

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How to Get All Endings in Amanda the Adventurer


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