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How to Get All Secret Tapes in Amanda the Adventurer

How to Get All Secret Tapes in Amanda the Adventurer
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Enter the colorful world of Amanda the Adventurer and her cuddly friend Wooly the sheep where things are not quite as they seem. Explore the creepy VHS tapes found abandoned in an attic to discover exactly what Amanda wants, and don’t make her angry! The unsettling tale will unfold as you complete puzzles and find secret tapes.

Read on to find out how to get all secret tapes in Amanda the Adventurer.

How to Find All Amanda The Adventurer VHS Tapes

There are six Secret Tapes that are found by completing puzzles in the attic. The secret tapes show glimpses into someone’s life and some strange goings on, while the regular tapes are episodes of Amanda The Adventurer. Each episode hints at what you should look for to find the next tape but if you try something different you get a secret tape. Remember at the start of the game, the letter from Aunt Kate says that once you watch the first tape, there’s no going back. The first regular VHS tape is conveniently right beside the TV, and your adventure with Amanda and Wooly begins.

Image via MANGLEDmaw Games

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Secret Tape 1: After watching the first episode you will know the puzzle to get the secret tape involves making apple pie. When the tape ends turn around and find the toy oven at the other end of the room. There is a pie dish and plastic fruit nearby. Put a peach in the pie dish, and DO NOT set the time and temperature. Put the pie dish in the oven and close the door. When it is done an orange secret video will be in the oven.

Secret Tape 2: The next clue is musical notes. There is a Toy Piano in the attics which holds a secret tape. Tap each key in order to reveal a blue VHS: F A C A D E.

Secret Tape 3: Notice the creepy doll with the stitched mouth in the red dress? One of her flowers is missing in her hair and she needs it replaced. Go to the back of the room, behind the toy oven and to the right of the window. There is a small plant pot to pick up. Head back towards the doll, and to the right of the TV where there is a big puddle and water dripping on the floor. Place the pot in the dripping puddle and a flower will grow. Pick it up and put it on the doll. She thanks you and asks you to turn around. Although this is super creepy and it feels like she will stab you in the back if you turn your back to her, do it. When you turn back she has a red VHS tape for you.

Image via MANGLEDmaw Games

Secret Tape 4: While watching the Petting Zoo episode, you will notice it is all about animal sounds. When you visit the chickens, Amanda asks you what the daddy chicken is called. Now you know from the previous secret video that in real life, the creator of the show and father to the live action Amanda (Rebecca), is called Sam. Type in ‘SAM’ and wait for Amanda’s response. When Amanda asks “Where should we go next?” leave the TV and go to the See ‘N Say animal noise toy. There is a green tape on the floor.

Secret Tape 5: Next we are watching an episode of Amanda The Adventurer where they are at the park, and Wooly is hurt. Tell Amanda that Wooly hurt his knee, and then before answering which room to enter leave the TV and find the purple secret tape by the table behind you.

Secret Tape 6: Once each secret VHS is watched and placed on shelves beside the TV, a sixth blue secret video appears in the final space.

It is well worth replaying Amanda The Adventurer to find every secret ending for each episode, but be warned they can be pretty creepy! For more indie horror adventures check out our dedicated guide section.

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How to Get All Secret Tapes in Amanda the Adventurer


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