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How to Get All Elements in Royale High Campus 3

How to Get All Elements in Royale High Campus 3
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Royale High Campus 3 is the latest addition to the Royale High fantasy role-playing series on Roblox. Soon after entering the game, you are tasked with selecting your elemental power. And with the Campus 3 update, you can now unlock new elements to experience a richer role-playing gameplay than ever before.

In Royale High Campus 3, there are six different elements to choose from: Light, Nature, Fire, Water, Ice, and Dark. There are two ways to acquire your first element. One is the Written Exam, where your element is determined based on your answers, and the other is the Practical Exam, where you must showcase your Roblox movement skills.

You can only obtain one element at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, however, Royale High Campus 3 allows you to unlock all elements along your journey, and here is how to do it.

Guide to unlocking all elements in Royale High Campus 3

When embarking on their journey in Royale High Campus 3, not all players fully understand each elemental type to discern which would be most enjoyable for them. I was assigned the Ice element through the Written Exam, but found the Light element to be more enjoyable. If your starting element doesn’t seem like the best fit for you, unlocking other elements should be your next step.

Royale High 3 element powers
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You can unlock new elements in Royale High Campus 3 by using Elemental Studies books. To acquire Elemental Studies books, you must first talk to Poppy in the Front Office to unlock the Diary Planner. Open the Diary Planner from the menu and turn to the next page to find the Sparkly Star Achievements. In the search bar, type “elemental” to display all achievements that reward Elemental Studies books.

A total of five Elemental Studies books can be obtained by leveling up in Royal High Campus 3. Here are the milestones required for unlocking Elemental Studies books:

  • Level 50: Element Magic Book! 2
  • Level 100: Element Magic Book! 3
  • Level 150: Element Magic Book! 4
  • Level 250: Element Magic Book! 5
  • Level 300: Element Magic Book! 6

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Using Elemental Studies books, you can unlock an element of your choice. Players who wish to bypass the leveling up process can use diamonds, the in-game premium currency, to purchase Elemental Studies books in Royale High Campus 3.

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How to Get All Elements in Royale High Campus 3