How to Get All Decorationsin Kuma Sushi Bar


Kuma Sushi Bar is a very cute restaurant management game. Players will play as cute little bear who wants to revive the family business. To do this, you will need to revive the sushi bar by hiring new staff, updating the menu, and buying different decorations. In this guide, we want to tell you how to get all the decorations in the game.

How to Get All Decorations

Kuma Sushi Bar has a huge variety of decorations. And if you decide to get all the decorations in the game, be prepared to spend a lot of time. The game has two currencies, which are Dollars and Coins. Dollars are a premium currency that you will rarely receive. Coins are the main currency in the game, and you will get them by serving customers.

Basically, you will spend Coins to buy decorations, but for some special ones, you will have to spend Dollars. Therefore, to buy all the decorations, you must progress in the game. And here are some tips on how to do it.

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First, you should focus on making sure your sushi bar can serve as many customers as possible. To do this, you need to repair tables for dollars. The more tables there are, the more customers you can serve.

And secondly, there are two ways to serve customers in the game. You can just tap on the food, over the guests, so that it cooks. After the guests have eaten, they will leave money for you. However, players can also cook food in a mini-game. The second way will reward you with bonus coins, with which you can buy new decorations.

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How to Get All Decorationsin Kuma Sushi Bar


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