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How to Get Adorned Idols in Last Epoch

How to Get Adorned Idols in Last Epoch
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Last Epoch features numerous aspects that make it more fun and unique for each player. Besides five basic classes and 15 different masteries, expansive skill trees, and gearing up, you can also hunt down and equip various idols that grant all kinds of perks and buffs.

There are several kinds of these items in Last Epoch, and they vary in size—from 1×1 pieces to 4×1 or 1×4 idols. Adorned Idols are 2×2, and there are currently seven Basic and two Unique types. If you’re not sure how to get Adorned Idols in Last Epoch, this is the guide for you.

How to get Adorned Idols in Last Epoch

Idols in general are found throughout the game as drops from different enemies, idol shrines, monoliths, etc. Basic Adorned Idols have the minimum drop level of 20, but some of them are class-tied:

  • Adorned Arcane Idol – Mage
  • Adorned Heorot Idol – Primalist
  • Adorned Immortal Idol – Acolyte
  • Adorned Majasan Idol – Rogue
  • Adorned Rahyeh Idol – Sentinel

Adorned Silver Idol and Adorned Volcano Idol are not affiliated with any specific classes and don’t drop.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to farm a specific type of idol in Last Epoch. However, even though you cannot go hunting for specific types of idols, you can still improve your chances of getting Adorned Idols specifically.

There are two types of blessings that will get you Adorned Idols more easily:

  • Mark of Agony: increases Adorned Idol drop rate by 30-50% (obtained in the Fall of the Outcasts timeline – level 58)
  • Grand Mark of Agony: increases Adorned Idol drop rate by 51-100% (obtained in the Fall of the Outcasts timeline – level 100)

How to get Unique Adorned Idols in Last Epoch

To get the Throne of Ambition or Trinity of Flames, you should know where to look for them. Throne of Ambition drops from God Hunter Argentus from The Stolen Lance timeline. On the other hand, the Trinity of Flames drops from Three Immortal Shamans—Bhuldar, Herkir, and Logi—in the Spirits of Fire timeline (for empowered only). Still, both idols qualify as rare.

There you have it: everything there is to know about getting Adorned Idols in Last Epoch. We wish you luck in your search! For more help, check out our dedicated Last Epoch section.

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How to Get Adorned Idols in Last Epoch


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