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All Masteries in Last Epoch Ranked – Mastery Tier List

All Masteries in Last Epoch Ranked – Mastery Tier List
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Last Epoch features five distinct classes and 15 masteries in total—three for each class. If you’re new to this game, which is still waiting for its official release, you can think of different masteries as specific subclasses with unique skills.

Which class and mastery you choose in Last Epoch depends heavily on your personal preferences and playstyle, but some of them are still somewhat better than others. If you’re not sure which class and mastery to choose, here is a ranked tier list of all masteries in Last Epoch to help with that decision.

Last Epoch classes and masteries

For more clarity when reading this tier list, you can use the information below to better understand the affiliations between different masteries and classes in Last Epoch:

  • Sentinel: Paladin, Void Knight, Force Guard
  • Mage: Runemaster, Spellblade, Sorcerer
  • Primalist: Shaman, Beastmaster, Druid
  • Acolyte: Lich, Necromancer, Warlock
  • Rogue: Bladedancer, Marksman, Falconer

Now, let’s examine which masteries are the strongest in our opinion.

Last Epoch masteries tier list

In the table below, you can see our ranking of all Last Epoch masteries, with S masteries being the strongest and D masteries, the weakest:

SBladedancer, Druid, Lich
ANecromancer, Paladin, Void Knight, Spellblade
BMarksman, Sorcerer
CForgeguard, Beastmaster, Warlock
DShaman, Runemaster, Falconer

S-tier masteries in Last Epoch

Although rankings like this are quite personal, we have chosen these three masteries as the best currently available of Last Epoch for several reasons:

  • Bladedancer: This mastery leans heavily into the standard Assassin/Ninja archetype and comes with unique skills Dancing Strikes and Lethal Mirage. You also get to use daggers, shurikens, and smoke bombs. Even though this mastery focuses on melee and Physical and Poison damage, it also has access to great defensive mechanisms, like a good HP pool or Dodge and Glancing Blow.
  • Druid: Druid can transform and take one of three forms—Werebear, Spriggan, and Swarmblade. When you leave the form, you get increased Health and Mana. Thanks to the versatility of Druid’s skill tree, players have more freedom with their builds.
  • Lich: Good damage, good survivability, and some of the strongest skills in Last Epoch make Lich’s S-tier position easily justifiable. This mastery allows you to sacrifice an amount of your health to increase damage, and Lich excels particularly in Necrotic, Poison, and Physical damage types.

That concludes our Last Epoch masteries tier list. Let us know how you would rank them and what your favorite mastery is. You can also check out our Holy Trail Void Knight build for more ideas for your next playthrough.

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All Masteries in Last Epoch Ranked – Mastery Tier List


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