How to Get a Platinum Watch in Terraria


Terraria is an incredibly addictive 2D sandbox game. Players must explore a world inhabited by many dangerous mobs and bosses. And to survive, the player can find or craft various weapons, equipment, potions, and much more. So, in this guide, we want to tell you how to get Platinum Watch.

How to Get a Platinum Watch

Terraria has a huge number of different items. Some are needed for home decoration, some for protection, and some for the comfort of the game. The game has a change of day and night, which is a very important feature. Various dangerous mobs spawn at night, so this is a dangerous time. Also, some bosses can only appear at night. So, players need to keep track of the time in the game. Fortunately, there is a handy item for this purpose. There are six types of different Watches in the game:

  • Copper Watch
  • Tin Watch
  • ​Silver Watch
  • Tungsten Watch
  • Gold Watch
  • Platinum Watch

When the Watch is equipped or just lying in the inventory, an inscription with time appears under the map. Depending on the type of Watch, players will be able to recognize the time with different accuracy. For example, Platinum Watch shows the time to the nearest minute. By the way, a minute in Terraria is equal to one second in real-time.

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Luckily Platinum Watch can be easily crafted if you have the right materials. You will need 10 Platinum Bars and Chain. However, this craft is only available when your character is next to the Chair and Table. Here’s everything you need to know about the making of the Platinum Watch.

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How to Get a Platinum Watch in Terraria


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