How to Get a Pet in Ragnarok Origin

How to Get a Pet in Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is a new mobile MMORPG that appears to be an interesting product for those who like to travel across the game’s world and collect different stuff. One of the most interesting things you may want to get is Pets. These are one of the most desired things in lots of MMORPGs, and Ragnarok Origin doesn’t look like an exception here. If you want to start collecting Pets but don’t know how to do it, we are going to help you. This guide will tell you how to get Pets in Ragnarok Origin.

How to Get Pets in Ragnarok Origin

Collecting Pets in Ragnarok Origin is one of the most important in-game activities. It is very interesting as there are many different pets that you may want to obtain into your collection. But you are not able to catch them at the beginning of your journey. In order to be able to get your first Pet, you have to earn this privilege or buy it in the shop. Most of these Pets cost lots of Zeny. But it is the easiest way to get a Pet. However, you are still able to catch some of them.

When you reach level 40, you will get a special quest. This task will reward you with your first items for Pets. These are Rainbow Carrot and Orange Juice. Also, you will be able to buy them from a special trader. When you complete this quest and get these items you will be able to start your first hunt for Pets.

How to Catch Pets in Ragnarok Origin

Catching Pets in Ragnarok Origin is a special activity that will be available for you when you complete the special quest. You will need to buy some Rainbow Carrots and Orange Juice. Then you should open the Pet menu and choose any creature you like. There you are able to navigate your character to a place where you can find the pet you want to catch. After that, you just need to approach the creature and tap on the button with the Net icon that pops up when you are able to catch a Pet. Finally, one of your catching items will be spent and you will get a chance to catch the Pet you want. Just be patient, as there is no guarantee that you will get it from the first attempt.

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How to Get a Pet in Ragnarok Origin


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