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The Hercules Beetle is one of the Hardmode post plantera accessories in Terraria. When we mention post plantera accessories, the players must have defeated Plantera to obtain such accessories.

The main benefit of the Hercules Beetle is that it boosts the damage of all the minions by 15%, and their knockback as well. Other than this, Hercules Beetle is one of the main ingredients used while making the Papyrus Scarab.

At this point, you are probably aware of the applications of Hercules Beetle in Terraria. But the real question here is “How to get it?” that will arise in every player’s mind, especially if someone is just getting started.

How to get Hercules Beetle in Terraria

How to get Hercules Beetle - Terraria 1.4 - YouTube
Hercules Beetle Terraria

The only way to get Hercules Beetle in Terraria is by purchasing it from Witch Doctor in Jungle biome while having a Pygmy Staff in the inventory.

The cost of a Hercules Beetle is 40 gold coins; hence make sure you have enough currency to pay him. However, the desktop players can purchase it even without having Pygmy Staff in the inventory.

How to spawn Witch Doctor in Terraria?

The Witch Doctor is an NPC vendor who will only spawn after defeating Queen Bee, found in the underground jungles in beehives.

Besides this, you should also have a spare room in your house where the witch doctor will moving and sell various items.

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