Terraria has countless items to discover, explore, and craft. Some are rare, while some are relatively common and necessary. Heart Lanterns are often crafted and used in Terraria.

The Heart Lantern is a common furniture item in Terraria. It is often hung on the underside of a block and used for its regeneration buff. The lantern has a very fast use time and the light emitted is moderate.

Terraria: Getting and Using Heart Lantern

Image via Terraria

Players can craft Heart Lantern by combining a Life Crystal and 4 pieces of Chain. You don’t need a crafting station to put these ingredients together, as it can be done by hand.

The Heart Lantern is usually used while prepping the ground for a battle. It is placed before summoning a boss.

It is very much like the Campfire and is often used in combination with it. To make boss fights easier, you can use the Campfire, Honey, and Heart Lantern combo.

The Heart Lantern’s effectiveness is not affected by any blockades. It works uninterrupted within its range.

The lantern has a toggle feature. This means you can toggle the light from the lantern on or off. However, the regeneration buff is not affected by the toggle switch.

Despite the dim lighting, the Heart Lanterns can be used as a source of light for the NPCs. Note that NPCs do not benefit from the health regeneration buff.

Players can sell the Heart Lantern for 1 gold coin and 50 silver coins.

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How to Get a Heart Lantern in Terraria


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