How to Get a Hard Hat in Sneaky Sasquatch

How to Get a Hard Hat in Sneaky Sasquatch

Have you ever tried playing Sneaky Sasquatch? If you love adventure games, then you should give it a shot! In Sneaky Sasquatch, you will be cruising around the campsites in order to find food from picnic baskets or coolers. Definitely, your primary task will be to remain incognito. Besides food search, you will play golf, rent apartments, get a driver’s license, race, ski, and even search for buried treasures. There will be challenges and high score leaderboards to mark your achievements. You will never get bored, upgrading your house and racing a car, customizing the disguise, and thinking on your strategies on how to distract people to sneak past them. Sounds exciting, right?

As you have understood, you will face the tasks million times per day. In this article, we will help you to solve one of them. If you are in search of a hard hat, you will find the solution in this article.

​Where to Find and How to Get a Hard Hat

This outfit can be found in the Lumberyard building on the top of the locker. You will need to sneak past the worker, get inside and get the hard hat. Just wait for the moment when the worker is in the fridge and then tiptoe or run. Your aim is to be as quick as possible and as silent as possible. Hit the touch icon right after you grab the hat. And you are done!

Now you have a clue. Go and get your hard hat!

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How to Get a Hard Hat in Sneaky Sasquatch


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