Airline Commander is a realistic flight simulator where you can fly across the world, collect planes, and take over the skies! You can choose between Normal or Simulation modes to change the level of control you have over the flight, and earn a few more credits with the slightly trickier sim mode. As long as you have smooth take-offs and safe journeys you are sure to earn the big bucks and make a name for yourself in the airline business.

There are a few different types of experiences to choose from including landings or take-offs, and full flights. Airports offerings full flights can be rare, and there are many theories on how to find a full flight but veterans of the game say it is just a random occurrence.

How to Get a Full Flight Offer

Some players suggest having about 80 hours flight time can help trigger more full flights appearing in Offers From Other Airlines, but this is debatable. Others have said that you only need to send your pilots on a flight lasting over an hour each, and to make sure they have their license for over 12 hours, before checking the Offers tab.

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When you have your Offers From Other Airlines tab open, do not close it. Keep it open and let any unwanted flight offers expire. After around 20 minutes you should have at least one full flight offer appear. If not, restart your game and try again. More often than not the full flight offer will appear after around five minutes. Just remember: do not close your game.

Once the full flight appears take it straight away. You can then begin your full flight! Make sure the flight is smooth and your taxiing, take-off, and landing are safe, and you will be paid handsomely.

Good luck, Commander.

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