The world is yours in Airline Commander! Become the ultimate airfleet as you connect routes from across the globe, fly through real time traffic, and buy new planes! Connect your airports to each other to have coverage through the entire world and conquer the sky! Our Airline Commander cheats and tips will show you how to become the most efficient pilot!

Becoming a successful airline commander is all about opening your routes and passing your tests, so we will show you how to do that in our Airline Commander cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use gentle movements!

The only control scheme in Airline Commander are tilt controls, and we know these kinds of controls do not sit well with many players.

You will need to tilt to control your plane, and when you do so make very light movements. Exaggerated or fast movements can send your plane barreling out of control, so it is very important you get use to the controls as fast as possible.

Try the flight mode you are comfortable with!

When you are deciding on a flight to play, you have the option of playing in “Normal” or “Simulation” mode. Normal mode is the standard experience of the game and we recommend sticking to it for a while.

Simulation mode is the somewhat more realistic mode. If you pick this mode you can earn slightly more flight credits. In Simulation mode, flight paths, HUD indicators, and any other helpful markers are disabled, so you have to rely on your instructions and own instinct to make it through the activities!

Once you are comfortable with the controls and the planes, we recommend playing on Simulation mode so you can earn a bit more flight credits.

Complete Contracts as soon as possible!

When you activate a contract, you have a limited amount of time to complete all of the activities within. Completing all activities will unlock the flight route as usual, but missing the deadline will result in the contract expiring. You will retain any progress you had in the contract however you will need to pay the flight credits fee again.

When you buy a contract, try to complete the activities as fast as possible so that you do not have to pay again!

Unlock additional routes to generate money!

As you know, the more routes you unlock, the more money your flight company will generate over time. Money is what makes the world go round! The general process is earn money, buy new licenses, pass the exams, and then unlock more routes.

To get started early on, try to unlock as many routes as you can before you stop playing the game. After a couple or so routes, you will start earning lots of income. You should have enough money to buy new license exams after a couple hours of waiting.

Perform well for more flight credits!

As you play through an activity, you are not awarded the full amount of flight credits for simply playing through it, oh no! You have to actually perform well to get the full amount. This means smooth take offs, safe landings, and controlled flight paths. You can see the breakdown at the end of the activity and you can work on whatever is lacking.

That’s all for Airline Commander! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Whats the (Coming Soon) thing for on the main menu? It’s been there for ever! I really like this game out of all the flight sims on the App store! I litery tried over 12 diff ones and they all suck! I’m just curioua whats more to come for this game cause i’m definitely excited to know and try it out?

  2. I’ve played the game for a while now and I’d like to add one tip for the list.
    When you activate a contract and it includes for example 1 simple take off and 1 full landing and it gives you 10 min to complete, do the simple take off first since it takes less time to complete. After that you can take all the time you want with the full landing since it takes a little bit more time to get done with the taxiing and everything.

    • I’m just shy of level 19, but one thing I still have trouble with is retarding on landing with the prop planes. Any suggestions? I don’t find a difference in normal or simulation mode. The other planes seem to respond to reverse throttle. Thanks in advance.

  3. I’ve had 2 full flights did first 1 was 2 hours did full flight and landing 2one got bored skipped main flight but had set alt and hdg when I came out forgot to deactivate alt and quickly failed, deactivate before skipping
    Air brake on right and engine reverse thrust on left drag down and hold both to stop
    Just started 200 k grind for A310

    • Extend flaps to maximum before takeoff, accelerate to vr speed before rotating the plane, full thrust, and after you try to rotate and nose pointed up, immediately return the device to horizontal (calibrated) position, allowing the plane no more than 5 degree angle of attack, retract the gears, wait until your speed is around 200 knots, then retract the flaps, and after that, you can point up the nose carefully, even up to 20 degrees. If you try to rotate before reaching vr, or try to take off without flaps, or you point up the nose too high, you can stall, and just after take off, there is nothing you can do. Normally you point the nose down but right after takeoff you have not enough altitude to do so.

    • Please tilt for take off just after your plane exceed VR speed (if 125, it’s good to rotate at 130-135), take a smooth tilt. Gear up, switch autopilot on and you’re ready to go

      And sometimes it’s needed 10° flaps and rough tilt to take off for short runway, to avoid overshoot.

  4. full flight mode always is breaking up after 2hrs or so and plane is crashing
    i had a 3 hrs flight and after 2hrs fuel was empty and plane crashed
    is this a purpose of the game or do i miss something

    anybody who can give me a hint how i can made a full flight not breaking up before landing

  5. At senior captain chapter, in airbus A320, G licence’s exam i cant’ t landing the plane with no a specific problem with this licence or i do something wrong?(it s the only licence until now that i had made at least 10 efforts) please help me.thanks

    • Only deploy landing gear at about 0.5nm to runway. Drag caused by landing gear increases loss of altitude after engine failure

    • you need to be higher then the glide path shows for one and be at full power from the start of the flight. I don’t engage the landing gear until im almost right over the runway as that is what seems to trigger the second engine failure. have flaps set at full and apu on and dip the nose right when the second engine fails. You will be able to glide down and not overspeed by using the airbrake. hope this helps!

    • Soon after the first engine brokedown, just let the throttle in maximum position and activate the APU. DO NOT brake midair. Let your aircraft glides with remaining engine, the speed will gradually decrease. Shift your gear down when you hit the VLO while quickly pull your flap in position 1. You need to adjust your flap gradually to full until your gear locked, otherwise your aircraft will stall.

  6. I did that licence, by powering up 100% from the very start of licence, slightly skipping the turn pointing in a more
    Airport direction, leaving everything to
    As late as possible and had plenty of
    Runway beneath me! Hope that helps!

    Also anyone know what the coming soon button is?!

  7. I’ve been playing a while. First officer level 8 and have those aircraft but all my ‘full flights’ are just full take off and full landings. When or how do I get to do a full flight.

  8. It’s says I have 11 contracts unlocked but when I try to press any of them it says “Unlock new licenses or airplanes”? Whats the point of unlocking routes if I still have to finish other exams to be able to only play 2-3 routes and then have to wait for a new exam anyway?

  9. Click on planes in hangar one will give you an option for 3 flights with up to 11k reward enjoy the grind unless you want to pay to play usually around 200k

  10. I’ve just started, but can’t get to level 2. All I can do is practice, but that doesn’t,t warm me any points to be able to fulfill a contract.

  11. This is personally my current favorite game and pretty much only flight sim on iPad/phone that works well and isn’t insulting to intelligence or the laws of physics and offers ‘realistic’ controls. I think after reading others comments that sometimes even if u are perfect, the game with all the different routes and planes and airports sometimes errors and puts u in a situation where runways too short or fuel not enough etc. or incorrect orders from tower oh and I’ve even had a couple near misses on approach vecuase I was where I should have been but in error a plane was exactly where tower told me to be. I believe with all the diff devices and the fact the game syncs with central server for your account mistakes sometimes happen I’m sure they may fix this in the future.

  12. I am stuck on Level 8 and cannot get additional flights without a new license but I can’t get a new license til I reach level 9, any ideas??

    • Hey mate. I’m stuck in the same position as you. Level 8 and I’ve been watching the ads 6 times to count down the timers to do them again. And the credit returns are so minor it’s taking forever to get 81.4K for the DHC8 got to 40K. It takes almost 10 minutes (timer & flight) just to get roughly 800 creds. Did you figure out a quicker way to get past this stage?

  13. I am on level 8 waiting to make some more cash to buy new plane, however I am only getting offers from other airlines that pay low amounts, no matter what plane I select before requesting offers, will take me ages to reach the 97k I need. Any ideas on how I can get better paying offers from other airlines? Also when does it add money to your total for routes already opened?

  14. I am stuck on the engine failure deal. I can land the plane ok but the prompts or messages to follow to taxi and dock never show up.

  15. Trying to do a full flight. I select the full flight but after getting airborne, it cuts to landing procedures. I want to do the full flight…..Suggestions?

  16. when I do full flights, the game goes automatically from takeoff to landing, it forces me to skip the flight part in the middle, this flight sim is dumb, lol

  17. I started playing the game a month ago and since then I’ve had 3 full flights. The first one was 7hrs, couldn’t finish had to go to work. The 2nd one was 2hrs. 3rd one was for.1hr 44min. I fell asleep mission failed. I seemed to get full flights every 10 days.

  18. Hi,
    Somebody can help? How do I make a smooth landing? I’m always with the right speed but I don’t know how to land properly.
    Thanks in advance

    • You need to check the position of a small yellow triangle, next to altitude instrument. If you descend too steep and hit the ground, you lost a bonus of “perfect” landing.

      • I’ve only accumulated 30 flight hours, so far, and have completed 8 full flights. For some unknown reason, my app crashes on full flights and I’ve missed out on four flights. I loaded the app on my old phone, which is rooted, and the game works fine. It’s just that my screen size is about half as big! I think I need a tablet, so I can read flight data easier. I have to wear bifocals to see those tiny numbers! Lol.

  19. Are there actual pilots on here that can verify if this is as close to actual flying. I’ve always wanted to fly just have been able to afford the lessons.

    • I’m currently training for the Airline Transport Pilot License and I’ve been invited a number of times into the cockpit to observe takeoff, cruise and landings. There are a few things missing from the game such as radio frequency changing when you land to ground control or when changing ATC, TCAS traffic collision avoidance system, check list eg. Getting stabilized before landing before you get to 1000 ft. The game though is quite realistic and accurate to a degree. Best simulator I’ve found on android and apple store so far.

  20. So I don’t quite understand why I can’t play anymore. I get a few “Other Airlines” contracts for a few thousand a day, but i’m locked into the main mode where I need to unlock licenses or buy a new aircraft. The planes have numbers, indicating open routes, but it won’t let me play.

    With not paying real $$ for resources, i guess i’m boned for a few days while i just do extra contract.

    Am I missing a resource? How can I tell that I’m getting close to the contract cap?

  21. There are some bugs:
    1. TC remains setting autopilot (speed, attitude, heading), I had done it before time limited, but the game end with wrong notices.
    2. I am going to land, the TC says the RW cannot access, go arround and do by TC instructions, I am turning by instructor, the game end with “you go away far from RW”, can not understand.

  22. I seem to be doomed for the level 16. I need 2 more routes to open to get further. There are 2 routes available in the map. So far, so good. However, one route “costs” 1.26k flight credits and the second one costs 1.62k FCs to activate. And I have only 1.69k FCs at the moment. So, obviously, I can open one route, but not both. Any hint how to get the missing additional 1.19k FCs?

    • There are 3 ways:
      1. Charge your credit (very expensive)
      2. Select your plane and click on Offers from other airlines to earn money
      3. Collect your money at bottom left button (daily)

      • Thanks fro the opinion.
        Actually, I’m not sure if we talk about the same thing. What I was referring to was the “Flight credits” — the orange sign with the aircraft, not the money (the blue sign with the “$”).
        According to your option #3, I would guess you meant the money, not the flight credits. Or do I miss something? Is there a way how to collect the FCs daily as well as the Money?

        However, the 2 routes (that cost too many FCs) had been waiting there for a long time without a change. I had thought they would remain there until I open them. Once I wrote the question here yesterday and I re-opened the game today again, the “expensive” routes disappeared and were replaced with 2 “normal” ones. Not Sure if that is just a good luck or some coincidence, but it seems like my question here moved me further… 🙂

    • Oh sorry I made a mistake
      Select your plane has at least 1 rout already, click Offers from other planes to fly and earn flight money.

      • Yes, that is the way to get the “$” money. The option to “get offers from other airlines” is not available everytime though.
        However, I wanted to get some “Flight credits”. I have already seen some offers from the other airlines that were paid in FCs, but that has happened only several times to me and that possibility is not avail regularly.
        Did you refer to that?

  23. I need to to get a 260000$ plane, but I have no more routes to open, and the only plane that it gives me is the SAAB 340, with each flight being less that 500$, so how do I get the routes to give me more money? (I’m trying to get the Boeing MD-80)

    • If you buy a licence routes will open! If not you will have to be doing flights for other companies to get the money you need!

  24. When I am landing and coming in at the appropriate speed, my landing gear is all locked in, when I touch down on the runway my landing gear fails. Can someone help me understand why this is happening and what I am doing wrong please?

    • There are many problems that you have to solve: Strong wind, lose radar, fuel empty tank, engine fire, block runway, lock landing gear, rudder break, change atittude,…
      Landing without landing gear by glide on runway

    • You could be over weight, also. Check your fuel levels before landing, and make sure you’re carrying less than half tanks. Once you are below 30ft, slowly pull back on the speed brake and set the rear tires down. You want to hit the runway as soft as possible, for the highest score.

  25. I can’t start the Airline Commander. Everytime I attempt to start it, it says “Previous game save detected. Re-login with your Google Play Games account in order to continue.”
    When I click the “Try again” button, it requests me to choose the google play account and when I do it and try to re-login, the error message “Previous game save detected…” appears again.
    What can I do? Does anybody have a similar experience?

    • Failure is time based. Accelerate toward runway, activate flaps at last possible moment and drop gear. You will be carrying enough speed to make it to the runway without a dead stall on the approach.

  26. How do you obtain Pilots, can I control which planes they fly for better rewards? I have 4 and they move around randomly. Level 18.

  27. With 4 additional pilots can make 400.000 plus 150.000 flying myself for additional contracts in a day, best to choose 4hrs flight durations.
    Still wondering what is under column “Coming Soon”?
    Level 61 now.

  28. hello, I’m the airline’s commander, I’m going through level 78, the last license of B747 arrives in 7 days and I only need 5 A380 licenses to finish the game. Could someone please tell me what’s in the “coming soon”?

  29. Somebody Help me

    Mostly when i takeoff, i resieve a massage “waypoint not reached”. (Target ALT +1000)
    What is im doing Wrong?

    HDG and ALT are correct, im using autopilot after HDG 500.
    SPD are full.

    Thanx Mayo

    • I think the game wants you to follow the green path you normale follow in assisted mode, it means you shouldn’t go immediatly to the given altitude, but reach it by always rising a bit and be at the correct altitude when you are almost at the waypoint.
      I hope it’s clearly explained

  30. Just a tip: you never have to taxi on a full landing. Once you land, come to a stop or close to a full stop and activate he fire suppression system on both engines. It will recognize that as an emergency landing and you will not have to waste time with taxi and pulling up at the gate…. you will still receive full flight credit

  31. How many levels are there and up to how many pilots are there after all 199 licenses 25 planes and all routes are opened?

  32. Hi All,

    Just received email from Rortos, game developers replied to me about “coming soon” from main menu.
    Here is what they said:
    “We are still working on the new “Coming soon” section,
    please stay tuned with us for updates and new games.”

  33. This is the closest to the message board that there is for this game.

    Any other message boards where we could discuss about this game?

  34. TIP:
    If you are not happy with the contracts, do not close the game. Leave your phone aside with game app open or minimize the app and spend a few minutes on other apps.

    As you come back, the game reloads you get new contracts. Also it’s possible that you might end up with better ones.

      • I’m at lvl 59 and it’s still the same. I’ve only got three and they are pretty random: Madrid-St Johns, Heathrow-St Johns and JFK-Cork

        • I’m lvl 77 and still the same. I have only Amsterdam-St.Johns, London-St.Johns and Brasil-Dakar.
          There was one offer for the Paris-JFK route, but it was too expensive and before I got more flight points so that I could open it, it had disappeared.
          That’s a pity, I would want some lines over the oceans…

  35. Anyone have an ideal how to get over severe turbulence with the MD80? I tried autopilot but cannot are that to land.

  36. Anyone could help me please : I’m trying to pass the BAE146 B license (strong wind) but the plane brakes a few seconds after landing…I try several times but still don’t understand why. The wind is always about 11 to 16 knots, from north-east.
    Thank you!

    • Don’t know if you managed to land but try landing on the far right of the runway so there are enough room to get the plane lined up again. If that doesn’t work try aligning the plane with the rudder just before touch down.

  37. Hi here!
    Can anybody explain me, what is the “Automatic Asset Manager” good for? It feels like it does not make any difference if I turn it on or off. So, what is the intended effect of that?
    Also, similar question about the “Oxygen” button (Oxygen passenger crew supply) — is there any effect of the button? It seems it can’t be turned off as the “ON” label is still highlighted.

    • I’d say unless they are thinking about adding a Malaysia Airlines add on, that its probably best your passengers and cabin crew can breathe 😉

  38. What happens at the end of the game??
    Am approaching the end…it’s taken me over a year to get to leave 81 and I’ve played it pretty consistently.

  39. I am stuck at level 2 and idk what to do I can’t buy anything and I finished all my licenses! Can someone help me please?

  40. Hi Friends,
    Can someone please explain about the wind how to use it. I always failed in this department when the wind is like 6-10 knots I can’t able to control properly and I perform cross landings those ended up as bad landings . Please explain about understanding and using wind

  41. I’m at level 3, just out of the trainee phase, and I have 10/14 routes completed until level 4, however the embraer 140’s license E and F are only unlockable through level four, and I have no more routes to unlock. Do I really need to buy the next plane and then go back to complete those two licenses?

  42. Hi everyone…Can anyone help me as I am currently taking exam for BAE 146 license A about Stall…After the engines were turned off, it prompt to nose up and let it free fall…I had try many times but I couldn’t go through it…Perhaps, anyone can advise or explain to me what shall I do? Thanking in advance…

  43. Hey i need to pass my exam but i don’t have the exact amount they are asking for and i can’t keep playing anymore because i have no more routs open can somebody help me plsssssss!!!

  44. How often does offers from airlines appear? I keep checking back but there isn’t any.. appreciate your kind advice! Thanks.

  45. Hello here,
    I’ve jut unlocked the A380 andI’m surprised about its landing speed. While in reality, the landing speed is 138kn (, the landing speed in the game is 208kn.

    I can read this ( “The design of the A380’s wings, with their large area, comparatively gentle sweep (33.5 degrees), and massive flaps, give the Airbus a landing speed that is 20 knots slower than that of a 747. An A380 crosses the landing threshold at a docile 140 knots and touches down, depending on its landing weight, at a speed as slow as 130 knots, about the same touchdown speed of some corporate jets that weigh 1/50th as much as the world’s biggest airliner.”

    So, is it a bug or an intention that the A380 landing speed is kind of messed up in the game?

  46. I love this simulator and have experience of ms flight sim and xplane so I can hold my wings. However, I do have a problem with full flights. Everytime I reached the last waypoint before decent, the instructor tell me to get back in track and very soon after this the flight ends! This happend 3 times… I get no indication or warning to change my altitude.Im at lever 6. What do I do wrong? Please help.

  47. So, one of the daily challenges is “Stop by point”, and it says you must stop within the highlighted area. However, when I watch replays of the people that win this even they stop well short of the highlighted area and there time still counts and they win the event. Whenever I stop before the highlighted area it does not count my time because I have not stopped WITHIN THE HIGHLIGHTED AREA. What am I missing??? Are people cheating the system somehow? Maybe a hack?


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