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How To Get A Free Seedmaker in Story of Seasons

Machines and buildings may be expensive, but being nice can earn you gifts. This how to get a free seedmaker in Story of Seasons.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life comes with a difficulty curve in terms of being able to make money. Nothing you start out with is very profitable, and when you see how much the buildings and machines cost, you’ll fall over. However, there’s a little secret to getting at least one of those for free, and all it honestly requires is being nice. This is how to get a free seedmaker in Story of Seasons.

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How to use a seedmaker in Story of Seasons

A seedmaker is a really important resource, because you can use it to turn some of your crops into seeds, which cuts out the cost of purchasing them from Vesta. At 30,000 gold, it’s no cheap investment, but you can save that chunk of change because there’s someone in town who will give you one for free.

Daryl in Story of Seasons

Daryl in Story of Seasons
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You may have already met the scientist Daryl. He lives in the house that looks like a set from an old horror movie, and can often be found skulking in the forest. Outside matches inside, as he’s quite creepy and morally questionable: he stalks Flora, wants to capture the Yeti in the forest for experiments, and is overall not really a pleasant person.

Daryl’s secret, though, is that he is the inventor of the seedmaker, and his patent for it was stolen by corporate executives. This is why we call these games simulators, as sometimes they’re too real for comfort. If you become his friend, Daryl will tell you this story and give you a seedmaker completely free of charge.

How to befriend Daryl in Story of Seasons

Daryl is truly one of the easiest people in the game to befriend. His favorite gift is any kind of fish, which you can collect with a fishing pole sold at Van’s shop for 500 gold. He visits on the 3rd and 8th of each season, and a cutscene announces when his shop opens and closes, so you always know when he’s there. He sets up shop in the center of the village, right next to the inn.

How to start the seedmaker event in Story of Seasons

Once you significantly boost your friendship with Daryl, visit his house to start the seedmaker cutscene. He’ll even install it for you right next to the refrigerator and closet, which is directly across from the barn. You can use this to reproduce high quality crops into seeds, which adds a great chunk of money to your daily income. See, sometimes it pays off to be nice to odd people.

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How To Get A Free Seedmaker in Story of Seasons