The Bezoar is an accessory and crafting material in Terraria that players can equip to get immunity to Poison Debuff. Or, use to craft Medicated Bandage, which again is used for crafting the Ankh Charm, a material required to craft the Ankh Shield.

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The Bezoar may not have much use on its own. But when you combine it with other crafting materials, you can create one of the best accessories and shields in the game.

In this article, we will talk about how exactly players can get Bezoar in Terraria.

How to Get a Bezoar

The Bezoar is a drop item in Terraria that players can get from Toxic Sludges found in the Underground and Cavern Layers.

Alternatively, players can also farm Hornets and Hardmode Moss Hornets in the Underground Jungle biome to get Bezoar.

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  • Players have 1% chance to get Bezoar from Hornets.
  • Players have 2% chance to get Bezoar from Hardmode Moss Hornets.

The best way to get Bezoar is to farm Hornets before Hardmode. Because at that time, the Jungle area is safe and the enemies are not that hard to kill.

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