How to Get a 4-Star General in Evony: The King’s Return – Guide

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If you want to be successful in Evon: The King’s Return, you will need strong generals. They are multi-purpose units that you can use for researching, crafting and building, and—of course—fighting.

There are different tiers of rarity for Evony generals, but the most valuable ones—those that you will want to upgrade first—are Gold Historic Generals, marked with a small crown in the corner. No matter which rarity type general you have, enhancing their star level is no easy task.

In this guide, we will show you how to get a 4-star general in Evon: The King’s Return.

How to Get 4-Star Generals in Evon: The King’s Return

The more stars your Evony generals have, the stronger your army. However, to upgrade your general to a tier with a certain number of stars, you will first have to level up. For example, to unlock the 4-star enhancement, you will need a general level of at least 18.

The general level in Evon: The King’s Return is increased by gaining experience. To farm XP, you can do several different activities—from killing monsters to battling enemy troops—but one of the best and easiest ways to get a lot of experience points relatively fast is to attack NPC sub-cities. However, make sure that your sub-city slots are all full and find one that you can subdue with minimal losses. You will also need to equip the general you want to level up.

Besides XP, you will also need to spend some Gold and Medals for increasing the star level of your general. Exact pricing depends on the rarity status of your general. Enhancing Gold Historic generals is the most expensive while increasing the number of stars for green Generals is the cheapest.

Both of these in-game resources you can get by participating in different activities and events—kill bosses and monsters, exchange gems for coins, or do events like The Battle of Constantinople or The Battle of Gaugamela.

Once you have everything you need, head to the Generals tab, select the general you want to upgrade to four stars, hit Enhance, and confirm your choice.

Enjoy the increase in overall stats that comes as the result and don’t forget to check out other articles from our dedicated Evon: The King’s Return section.

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How to Get a 4-Star General in Evony: The King’s Return – Guide


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