Best Wall Generals in Evony

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Evony is an incredibly interesting strategy game in which you have to become the ruler of a large city or an alliance. For the first week of play, or until you reach town hall level 5, your territories will be untouchable by other players, but after that, you’ll be on your own. Therefore, you need to organize a good defense, and in today’s article, we will tell you about the best wall generals that will help protect the walls of your city.

Best Wall Generals in Evony

Wall Generals are an essential part of protecting your city. If you don’t have strong wall generals, then even the best troops will not be able to fight back against attackers, especially in the early stages of the game. Therefore, below we will provide you with a list of the best wall generals that you should use.

Tran Hung Dao (Tran)

Grand Prince Skill:

  • +20% Ground Troop HP
  • +30% Siege Troop Attack

Special Boosts:

  • +60% Siege Attack
  • +20% Siege Defense
  • +10% Siege HP
  • +10% Range Attack
  • +20% Trap Triggering Chance
  • -30% Enemy Range Attack

Usage: It is best to use this general along with ground and siege troops, and have plenty of archers to support the ground troops.

Ly Thuong Kiet (Kiet)

Vietnamese Warrior Skill:

  • +60% Trap Triggering Rate
  • +30% Archer Attack
  • +30% Archer Defense

Special Boosts:

  • +56% Archer Attack
  • +20% Archer Defense
  • +10% Archer HP
  • +6% All Troop Attack
  • +16% Hospital Capacity

Usage: When using this general, you should focus on using a lot of traps and archers.

Joseph E. Johnston (Johnston)

Federal Snipe Skill:

  • +20% Range Troop Attack
  • +20% Siege Machine Attack
  • +15% Mounted Troop HP

Special Boosts:

  • +56% Range Troop Attack
  • +46% Siege Machine Attack
  • +20% Trap Triggering Chance
  • +10% Range Troop Defense
  • +6% All Troop Attack

Usage: This general is near-perfect and a great buff to any troops. But still, it’s best to have a few cavalry troops in your army, a little more ground troops, and the main forces should be concentrated around archers and siege weapons.

Robert the Bruce (Bruce)

Indomitable Battle Axe Skill:

  • +25% Ground Troop HP
  • +15% Ground Troop Attack
  • +15% Mounted Troop Attack

Special Boosts:

  • +45% Ground Troop Attack
  • +35% Mounted Troop Attack
  • +35% Ground Troop HP
  • +25% Mounted Troop HP
  • +6% All Troop Attack

Usage: This general is great for use with mounted and ground troops.

We hope that our article was useful for you and you were able to find the general that is right for you.

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Best Wall Generals in Evony


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