How to Get 100 Percent in Hole.IO – Guide and Tips

How to Get 100 Percent in Hole.IO - Guide and Tips

Are you interested in getting 100% in Hole.IO? We have you covered. We recommend starting with the city map. Quit the game and restart if your spawn is bad; there are just ~2 viable spawns points.

In case while playing the game, it happens that you get bad RNG, finish out your current run.

So, now you know the basic recommendations. Keep reading to get more details!

Getting 100 Percent in Hole.IO – Guide, and Tips

It is essential to get big. Please spawn next to a park, eat everything, head to the 2nd park, and do the same. Then please eat all the orange buildings around both parks.

Make sure to spawn next to a park where the yellow posts are.

Then please eat all of the yellow posts, mailbox, fire hydrant, and nearby manhole cover. Then eat picnic tables in the park, trees, and a bench. Go out of the park the same way and eat all you see around.

In the second park, please eat all the small things you see. Eat cars as well. And the park as well. Then eat all the orange buildings around the park and some vehicles. Then eat the orange buildings around the first park. It would help if you had not less than a minute left.

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The next step will be eating the big buildings. Eat everything you see now!

Head to the second half near the 1st park. Run along till you see the corner of the nearest end of the map swallowing the buildings (use a “start/stop” motion).

Go “one hole size” over to the side and then return. Make sure to cover different areas. Keep eating everything you see around! Thus, you will “snake” back, checking all the spots.

Practice more, and you will get 100 percent fast! Have fun!

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How to Get 100 Percent in Hole.IO – Guide and Tips


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