How to Gain Might Fast in Lords Mobile: Tower Defense


Lords Mobile: Tower Defense is a very addictive real-time strategy game. Players must build their castles, upgrade buildings and recruit different units. All this is necessary to fight with other players in epic battles. And in this guide, we will tell you how to gain Might fast.

How to Gain Might Fast

Might is one of the most important stats in the game. It would be correct to say that Might represents your overall power level. You can view your Might by opening your profile. And when you open the statistics screen, you can see that the Might consists of your Buildings, Troops, Level, Quests, etc.

Essentially, Might affects which players will attack you. For example, players with lower Might will not want to deal with you. However, high Might does not always mean the presence of a powerful army.

The fastest way to get more Might is getting Troops and Traps. And most players do just that. However, it is also the fastest way to lose your Might. When you lose a battle and lose your Troops, your Might also decreases.

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Therefore, the best way to gain Might is to build and upgrade different buildings. We recommend that you never stop building or upgrading, especially when you are not playing. This way you can increase the amount of your Might.

In addition, complete various quests, as they also give a small boost to Might. Also, don’t forget about Research and Leveling Up. Using all these methods you will be able to gain Might very fast.

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How to Gain Might Fast in Lords Mobile: Tower Defense


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