How to Fuse Ishtar in Shin Megami Tensei V


The fusion mechanics in Shin Megami Tensei V are among the most important to understand right from the beginning of the adventure, as it is possible to create all sorts of powerful demons that will make the Nahobino’s journey in Da’at much smoother.

Additionally, some demons can only be obtained via Fusion and Special Fusion. Here’s how to fuse Ishtar, one of the main game’s bosses, and a strong demon altogether.

How to Fuse Ishtar in Shin Megami Tensei V

Ishtar can only be obtained, like many of the main game’s bosses, via Special Fusion. To get her, you will first have to defeat her in battle. After this is done, you can get her to join your party by fusing Ose, Loup-garou, Queen Medb, and Orobas.

Ishtar’s Resistances and Skills

Ishtar starts at a very high level, making her an extremely powerful demon, but her resistances aren’t particularly noteworthy. She can null Electricity and Light but is weak to Force and Dark.

Ishta’s skill proficiency isn’t particularly noteworthy either. She comes with a +3 in Light and +2 in Electricity, Healing and Support. Her -3 in Dark makes her bad at using Mudo skills, so don’t bother with them.

Below, you will find all the skills Ishtar learns.

SkillsDescriptionHow to Learn
ZiodyneHeavy Electric attack to 1 foe.Innate
MahamaonHeavy Light attack to all foes. Chance of instakill when striking weakness.Innate
MediaramaModerate HP recovery to all allies.Innate
Bowl of HygeiaGreatly increases the effect of the next HP healing skill of self and allows it to heal above max HP.Lv.63
DekundaNegates status debuff effects on all allies.Lv.65
Null DarkNullifies Dark skills.Lv.66
Waters of YouthFull HP/MP recovery to self.Lady Talisman

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How to Fuse Ishtar in Shin Megami Tensei V


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